Iclone lighting and effects

Footage of some work i done inside of Iclone and edited in hitfilm . New sound mixer options and UI in hitfilm where put to good use and saved alot of time.



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    Is everything (particles, etc) in the base render from iClone? I like the lightning effects with interactive lighting. in the first minute. and some wonderful distortion effects at around 2:15.-2:30 in particular. I don't use iClone, so I don't know it's capabilites, but I've seen some really sexy stuff come out of it.

  • Well . . . that was interesting. Reminds me a lot of the experimental stuff I used to see at Siggraph back in the day.  Just a bunch of cool stuff stacked together.

    @Rogyrue if you know how to control the software fully, you have the makings of actually telling a story.  I'm with @Triem23, I really like the opening character and lighting effects.  There were a couple of spots where you could "almost" believe she was a real character.

    Keep pushing the envelope.

  • @Triem23 Thanks , Yes its 90% base render inside of iclone used hitfilm to add some finishing touches and all the sound  . Its developed a great deal in the past year iclone  and when mixed with hitfilm its a powerful platform . The 3dmodel transfer from iclone to hitfilm works great with the alembic pipeline .

    Stargazer54  thanks ,  i am working on two story's at the moment using Iclone  and Hitfilm pro.  One is a commercial product for health and safety and learning .  And the other is a personal  project making a animated short film  from a popular game serious .

    Still lots to learn but i think the learning never ends so going to try and produce a few finished products with what i have picked  over the past few years.


  • "The 3dmodel transfer from iclone to hitfilm works great with the alembic pipeline ."

    There you go!

    That is awesome alembic is working for you well in HF.  Lots of possibilities there.

  • Very Cool!     Before I dip a toe into yet another  powerful tool, I still want get better at blender.  It's tough getting old.  Less capacity for complex thoughts and hot key memorizations.    I really like the robot thing @ around 3:00 ish.   Great job.

  • BobDiMarzio

    Thanks for the comments  Bob , Iclone is user friendly and a great platform to experiment and do cinematic inside of and it  links direct to hit film for exports of models and animation.

  • Rogyrue that's a great job you did in your showcase, I 've been playing around with iclone for a few months on and off and have found the live rendering and lighting  fantastic, almost photorealistic, the camera moves are also easy to do and models look great and work very smooth on my PC,.....not so good with HF, add a model and a few lights and things start to struggle and kills the creativeness.

    Rogyrue, so it looks like you would recommend the new PopcornFX plugin?

    When I do an export using .obj and then import into HF the textures are all wrong? what formate do you export the models so they are correct in HF

    Iclone and HF are a great combination and well worth learning as each has it's strengths.    

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    Thanks Neal , i agree Iclone has made some big improvements its fun too work with . PopcornFX plugin is well worth getting it also has a editor as well .

    Best pipeline i found from Iclone  to hitfilm is Alembic . In 3d exchange you have a export option made for hitfilm  it matches up all the materials and once lit  and tweaked the models look good.

    Linked a old video i made as example was all shot inside hitfilm with alembic animation and characters from Iclone



  • Hi, Nice one.

    I have 3Dexchage but under File - export I only have, export, which exports as an iclone props file and, export to OBJ  where the textures are all wrong, can you point me in the right direction as I can not see alembic? 

    oh I just got the popcorn FX as well.

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