So who are the most admired/best Hitfilm creators in here? :)

Ive been checking out some of the work in here, a lot of is WIP but I only just arrived but maybe the regulars know who the really amazing guys are, or the ones that teach everyone else :) would love to see their stuff.


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    @fathamburger My recommendation is to head over to @Triem23 's HitFilm University site:

    He has some really in depth tutorials about the software and along the right side of the page are links to other tutorial makers.

    I would hate to start listing people because I know I'll forget somebody, but I will single out @InScapeDigital a good resource,

    Also, the Menu on the upper right of the forum page will get you directly to tutorials made by FXHome (creators of HF).

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    @fathomburger ; Yes, I agree with @Stargazer54.  Of the three I could think of off the top of my head those two are on the list and I would also add Hitfilm Sensei to them.

    I also agree with his reluctance of naming people. :)  There are so many good tutorial makers out there, it's hard to get them all.  That right hand pane on YouTube is a great suggestion.

  • Most of the serious artists here are also extremely humble, so you probably won't see a lot of folks  raising their hands.    @Stargazer54 and @tddavis are 100% correct.  I recommend  perusing  the Hitfilm User Gallery and see if anything catches your eye. 

  • Bob I plan to :) but again.. I wouldnt miss anyone that I "gotta check out"

    Thanks for the recommendations so far, looking more for filmmakers or web series guys vs tutorial makers but that also an awesome story of how @InScapeDigital ended up as an intern at FXHome too!

    I def plan to go through more tutorials myself my current gig calms down a bit. I'm thinking to share my own stuff from way back in the day in the gallery pre-Hitfilm too

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