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ok guys so I a trouble shoot problem. I added a track to a clip and still kinda iffy on using it, work in progress anyways the hole clip moves out of frame. what do I need to do to correct my error?




  • I'm not too sure I understand what you did. My bet would be, you set the "purpose" (in "STEP 2" of the tracking panel) to "stabilize" and checked either or both of the "X position" and "Y position". This tells HF that your tracking point (or the first one if you're using two) should remain in the same position in the frame and the rest of the picture will be moving around it.

    You should adjust the "average position" of you clip so it stays mainly in frame. The way I do it (i.e. there's maybe a better way) is by creating a point layer I parent the clip to. I use that point layer to control some of the "transform" proprties of the clip, chiefly the scale, and if needed, the position.

    When adjusting the position this way, there are two steps. You'll probably only want to go through the first one, that is repositioning the clip once so it stays mostly in frame. The second step will be necessary only if your camera was intended to have a regular panning or tilting motion.

  • Oops! About the last line of my above post: sorry, I realize only now I was focusing on a more complex project I'm currently getting my hands dirty with (sort of  ;-) ) and if your camera only has either a panning motion or a tilting one, then you should start by unchecking the "X position" box or the "Y position" one and that could well be enough.

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    When tracking something that goes out of frame you need to use the Offset feature. When what you're tracking leaves frame you keyframe the offset and move the point to something at about the same distance still in frame. 

  • ill apply a tracker to the face and the clip will move around. after I apply it. the face dose move out of fame but I'm move the tracker over to be back in the frame but still moves around. its probably an easy fix I'm just not understanding properly

  • It sounds to me like you're tracking a face in a layer (Layer A), then applying the tracking data back onto Layer A, which is why the clip moves around.  If you want another element (Layer B) to follow the tracked face, first delete the tracking data you originally applied to Layer A (it'll be on the Anchor Point and/or Position properties) and reset the Anchor Point and Position values to 0 so the clip is at its default position.  Make a new point layer, and name it something like Face Track.  Go back into the track on Layer A, apply the track to the Face Track point. Then select Layer B and set its parent to be the Face Track.  The point will move to follow the face, and Layer B move with the point.

    If that's not what you're after, the please provide a more detailed explanation of the end result you're trying to achieve.

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