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I'm making a short skit, and in one of the scenes a girl falls through a hidden trap door into a long chute. When I tried to create this effect I took a picture of the room, making sure to fully capture the area where I wanted the trap door to be. Then I went on hitfilm and started editing. I decided to work backward, first using a mask to warp a section of the floor to make in look like the floor fell. I inserted a picture a a long chute under this, and it actually looked like the floor opened. But when I  tried to keyframe it to make the floor move back up and cover up the gap, making the floor whole, I couldn't get the floor to look like it was actually a trap door opening and closing. Any tips?


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    @tnow ; I tried to do something like what you're describing but I can't figure out how to change the orientation of the hinge.  I'm posting a cap of my screen in the hopes that one of the gurus can tell me if there is a way to change the orientation so that a whole side pivots instead of a point. Door Test.PNG?dl=0

     @Triem23 ; Am I barking up the wrong tree here?

  • @tddavis ;    Shift the anchor point of the trap door to the edge.


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    @BobDiMarzio ; I actually tried that but I think because my "hole" is drawn cattywhompas to the x/y/z plane it still has a strange effect.  So then I tried creating 2 points and parenting 1 to the other but that had no discernable effect either.

    BTW,  I can't get your image to open for some reason.


  • @tddavis I created 1 plane and masked out a square in the center.  I duplicated the plane and inverted the mask.    I shifted the anchor point on the door plane.

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    @BobDiMarzio ; Okay, that's what I thought to try but since mine is not straight on to the camera it's causing it not work.  Ah, well.  It was a thought. I had to solve the O.P's problem but guess I'm over my head.  Thanks.  

    PS Have adrone question I'm sending you a PM about.

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    @tddavis Well, @BobDiMarzio said what I would have, so I think you guys are covered?

    Only thing I can add is to maybe convert the door layer to an embedded composite shot. You can adjust the dimensions of comp to isolate just the door section. This bakes in the dimensions, which would make it easier to adjust the anchor point on the embedded layer? 

  • Thanks everybody. I think I have an idea on how to approach it now.

  • @tnow,

    If your trap door looks like it opened in the floor, then you could make a small comp and use the reverse effect in HitFilm to close the door. Just an idea from someone who has little experience, but I watch a lot of tutorials.

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