How to have an object fixed in the center?

Imagine a video recorded from a GoPro used as a body cam. The person with the camera is running. The result is a video in which the object goes from one side to the other in the screen. How can I stabilize it in the screen using tracking? I tracked it and created a Center Layer, but now I don;t know how to have the final "fixed" video.


  • When stabilizing footage, you apply the tracking data back onto the same layer you tracked.  There's a "Stabilize" option in the tracking controls somewhere (don't have access to the app at the moment, or I'd give specifics)

  • Have a look at Axel Wilkinson's tutoria, in the "Video tutorials" section, "By technique / Motion tracking". The part about stabilization starts at about 3:20 and should tell you all you need.

    Well, there's something else though. If the feature you tracked moves from one part of the frame to another, let's say for instance like the car in Axel's example moves fom the left side to the right side of the frame, and you would like to have that same motion in the final clip. But if you tracked that car, it will be centered --and that's not what you want.

    An extra step is to use a point layer the clip will be parented to. The tutorial shows how to control scale that way, but you can also keyframe position. For instance, if you see that, once stabilized, you clip jitters a bit but roughly moves from left to right, keyframing its position will allow you not to scale it up as much.

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