Would be possible parent Puppet points...

...with another object some day?

I wonder if this would  be possible so you can animate easier and faster.

Ex. : you have a character with each key part individually  (torso with barehands and legs, head, hands, etc.) and after applying Puppet fx to torso, you want to parent hands with the torso, so moving its relative point , the hand follows.


  • I think it already kind of does that I am sure Hitfilm University did a video that did just that.

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    @Andy001z he's talking about the new Puppet filter, the Hit-U tutorial was "paper doll" rigging. Slightly different things.

    It would be nice if a later revision would allow a Puppet Rig's points to be parented to an existing point. It wouldn't do what IvanLobo wants because Puppet doesn't work like that, but it would make adjustments of puppet rigs a but easier and would allow other effects to easily follow a Puppet.

    I can think of a couple reasons it's impractical to let puppet points parent (say that three times fast), but those reasons could be wrong. 

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    You catch exactly what I was saying... would  be nice to do something similar to Duik (even without inverse kinnematics would be ok) so moving a hand (or a point controlling it)can affect one Puppet pin point directly.
    Let's keep dreaming about til it will be real :)

  • add it to the hitfilm wishlist

  • OK sounds like a plan.

  • Added ;)
    A Duik version on hitfilm will be great (but I think Duik relies on  expressions of AE so maybe It cannot be possible to translate directly)

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