How to transcode AVCHD files to Cineform?

Hey all,

I've been messing around with HF off and on for about 3 years now. I have used Express for quite some time, but am now thinking about making the jump to HF Pro for all my editing and compositing. I run a corporate video production company and I think that HF fills all my needs quite nicely. Plus, the fact that I will no longer have to make a hefty monthly payment to you-know-who for my software is rather appealing.

Anyway, I have noticed that HF works very nicely with Cineform files. In fact, I seem to get better performance using Cineform than using HF proxies. The problem I am having is I cannot find software that will transcode my MTS/MP4 files from my Panasonic G7 into .mov files with the Cineform codec. The catch is that I need to work in full 4K if possible. So I need something that will transcode to 4K Cineform files. I have been using Adobe Media Encoder for testing, but obviously, if all goes well and I make the commitment to HF, I will be losing my Adobe subscription.

So, I would love to hear suggestions for a transcoder that outputs 4K Cineform files. I tried using GoPro Quik, but it won't recognize the files from my camera. What do you all use?

Thanks in advance.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If the files load into Hitfilm (but just perform slowly) you can use Hitfilm as the transcoder in Express 2017.

    First go into the Export Queue and set up a Cineform export correctly. I recommend duplicating the existing (locked) preset and changing Quality to Medium. Filmscan 1 is overkill. 

    Double click your Cineform preset to make it the Default export. 

    Drag all your media files to the Editor Timeline. 

    Use the select tool to draw a box around all clips (so they highlight). 

    Right click any clip and select Export. 

    All clips move to the Editor Timeline and have your Cineform preset as output format.


    Hitfilm won't be as fast as a dedicated transcoder, but it works. Older versions of GoPro Studio work better but it's hard to get it registered. 

    @Aladdin4d @Stargazer54 and @NormanPCN might have specific transcoder suggestions. This time I'll pay attention to them. 

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    Thanks for the quick response Triem23! I am actually watching your optimization video as we speak. Great work!

    One question, if I use your method, will the clips render as individual files, or as one long clip?

  • Never mind. I am trying it now, and it renders individual files!

    Thanks again for this suggestion, Triem23!

    I am still interested to hear what others use as well.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    VirtualDub FilterMod is the go to free option with both high bit depth color (internal color processing is always 16 bit) and native Cineform support. Details on getting started with it are here.

    It will transcode faster than HitFilm and once it's set up you can have batch scripts to automate transcoding with just a little extra work. 

    Footage Studio 4K Is a good paid option for Cineform but the price is pretty steep @ $129.00. On the plus side it does come with some extras like a noise reduction tool, a slow motion tool that uses motion estimation and a film blur mode if you want to convert high frame rate clips to 24 fps.  The extras probably aren't worth it if you're moving to HitFilm Pro.


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