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I cannot get redocking of floating tabs to work.  I have followed the tutorial and my version of HF2 just does not work like Axel's tutorial.
Starting from a standard layout:
1.  Right Click 'History' tab. Select 'Float Panel'
2.  History tab is now floating.
All OK so far.
Now, to re-dock the history tab back beside the 'Text' tab...
3.  According to the tutorial I should just be able to drag the floating tab back over the panel where it was and then I drop it on the panel it should be docked back beside the 'text' panel.
This just does not work.    No matter where I drag the floating history panel I do not get option to drop it - it stays floating.  If I click the '>>' to re-dock I get a new panel over on the RHS of the screen with just the History tab on it - and this does not help...
Am I missing something?  is there a special way to redock a floating panel?


  • Are you dragging from the History Tab, or from the header bar in the new floating container?  Make sure you click and drag on the Tab itself, not beside the tab.
  • Hey guys,

    I have a problem, I closed the Control tab though I got it back there is nothing there anymore, I tried uninstall it an re-stalling it but it doesn't work please help me   

  • @Adepro1909 ; Just learned how to do this myself not too long ago:

    Go up the toolbar at the top to the nine little squares that will say "workspace" when you hover over it (you have to have the program fully open to do this) and click on it and find the word Controls and check the check box.  This will open the controls TAB probably to the side somewhere.  To drag it back to where it was; You will need to put the cursor directly over the TAB that says Controls and left click and hold down and drag it over the area next to the other TABS where it was to begin with.  This took me several tries to get it do what I wanted successfully so keep trying.  Hope this helps you out.  

    You can always cleck RESET under the workspace, but I've been afraid to try that because it might mess up the arrangement I have gotten in place.  If you haven't customized any at all that might the easiest.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @AdePto1909 at 9:40 in this video it discusses what tddavis said.

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