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hey guys I'm new to editing. I have two cameras both are dslr ones a pentax k50 and the other is a sony alpha 3000. computer is a hp beats special edition with quad core with windows 7, when using hitfilm and any other app in my case the videos lag a great amount. ive been reading about converting the video to be edited but I'm a little confused on everything. what do I need to get started and how would I do so. and if possible free software.

thanks again


  • Drag your video onto the the timeline. Select all.  Go to Export and write them all out as Cineform.  Import the converted Cineform clips and edit away.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Stargazer54 just tagging you for a second opinion.

    Note, the Cineform preset Export Template is set to Filmscan 1. This creates huge files and is usually overkill. Try making a duplicate Cineform export preset with Quality at medium. That's usually more than good enough. 

  • @texasstrestshp @Triem23 ;  Mike has a good point.  I have my Cineform Quality setting at High.  And yes, that will create a larger .avi file than the original.  For example a 320 MB .mov file from my GH4 will be turned into a 390 MB .avi file using Cineform.    For me that is not too much disk overhead and keeps the quality where I like it.

    But yes stepping down to Medium could save you some disk space.

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