I am makeing a slideshow/video for a funeral. I was wondering if there was a way to easily insert and scale 40 or 50 pictures to the timeline without doing it by hand.


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  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ultimately you'll have to position something by hand. In Pro you could set up a Composite Shot with each photo taking up one frame and then set up the particle sim to automate spooling frames. 

    For that you'd direct the particle sim to use the embedded comp as the texture source and keyframe the Start Frame property. Let's say each photo is displayed for five seconds. You'd set particles per second to 0.2 and (let's assume you have 50 photos/30 fps) key start frame to be 0 on frame 0 of slideshow and start frame to be 50 at frame 1449 of slideshow, so they synch up.

    2D or 3D slideshow? I have a 10 image 3D slideshow template on the Hitfilm Preset Marketplace. 

    Ultimately this may involve a lot of work, so remember to build a dummy version with planes, using an embedded composite shot "media holder" for each image  and save as a project. You can import this project via Import Composite Shot for easy reuse. In fact, I'd say just build a 10 image slideshow and reuse it. You can load multiple instances of a 10 picture slideshow then just drag images into the correct media holder composite. 

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