exporting UHD 50p *.mp4 failes?

Hi @ all,

I use Hitfilm Express, my projects are 3860x2160/50p. When I try to export my done work in UHD / 50p, the export breaks with Error "The width (3840), height (2160) and/or framerate (50) are invalid for this level."
I think it means the Video Level 5.1, in Magix at this Resolution is used Level 5.2 up to 6.2. In Hitfilm Express doesnt exist a level more than 5.1
Is it in Hitfilm Express not possible, to export mp4 files in UHD/50p? Can Hitfilm Pro do this?


  • Nope. Hitfilm, all versions, are limited to level 5.1 capabilities. So no 50/60p at UHD+ resolutions.

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    Really now? Thanks for the info, I almost bought Hitfilm Pro believing in the promise: "HitFilm Pro is on the cutting edge of technology with support for 8K resolution UHD". But why the project-template "4K UHD @ 50 fps (also exists with 100 fps!)?

    I find that regrettable, because otherwise I think the possibilities of hit movie just awesome!

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    @AndySeeon AVC output may be limited to UHDp30 but other exports are not. You can always export to Cineform and then transcode that to AVC/MP4 in something else. There are free transcoders out there that are capable of this.

  • I tried this several times. Unfortunately I have not found any software that can convert the cineform coded exports of Hitfilm Express. The results always are strange. Neither adobe's Media Encoder nor Avid's Media composer first nor Vegas or Magix Video ProX can use the files. There are error messages like "file defect" or similar or the imported or exported films look like a mosaic.

    What am I doing wrong here?

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