Nothing You See Here Is Real

nVidia is really reaching deep with their AI. It looks like sooner than later image to image transfer is going to be a breeze.


  • @GrayMotion ; What am I seeing here? I am confused.  At first I thought it was the same footage color graded, then on second watching I noticed the absence of background features in the distance as well as leaves on the tree and such in the winter side.  From your headline, I assume it what I thought was filmed images is really computer generated?

  • Yes...using it to train self driving car/drones evidently. All AI

    The shot was filmed in the winter and you see the result on the right. They are also self generating human faces. Did you read the paper I linked to?

  • Well, I started to read the paper . . . . then my head exploded. ;)

    But seriously, very interesting stuff!

  • @GrayMotion ; I downloaded it and like Stargazer 54 said my head exploded. I started it and super quickly saw I was way over my head and couldn't understand the first couple of paragraphs.  I figured I'd have to pour over it at length later.  But I would have sworn the winter scene was manipulated not the other way around, so that fantastic work.

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    Yeah guys..I actually  shouldn't have said read but didn't want to insult anyones intelligence. I tried myself to no avail....although I understand complex optics (because that's what I do) I never finished High School back-in-the-day ...... so  I scanned down to the picture section myself. :-)

  • Wait, what there's pictures?  Now you're talking my language!   I'll give it another go for sure. Complex optics?  Not so much.  But I'll try anything...once.  I do have a low frustration tolerance, though. 

  • Interesting. I'll make my head explode later. 

  • @Triem23 -- you can create the head-explode effect easily in Hitfilm.  Why go to the expense and trouble of practical effects?

  • @Triem23 - Yup- need a like button.

    @Davlon - *LIKE*

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