"Rent To Own" for HitFilm Pro?



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    I'm pretty sure this thread was not meant to suggest FXHOME/HitFilm to change to a subscription or rent-to-own service, but just to have that offered as an option besides the current plans, for those who can't put down the money for the software all at once. No changes, just more options. The exact opposite of committing suicide.

  • As long as they don't go the Adobe route..."keep paying every month and when you stop we cut you off" ..Subscription for a year then you have unlimited use of the old software is ok. Lets be clear lets never go the way of Adobe "rent software" that way no one is happy, I know many legal users of Adobe software give up on them and just downloaded the latest crack version (3 days)  because they were so pissed off at the "options" they were given. Hit film is probably the best there is for the price and I for one will continue to BUY every new revision that I need, but never on a forced "keep paying forever or we cut you off plan" hopefully the guys at Hit film will never in the future be tempted to "give us such a wonderful offer"

  • No one here wants a "pay or get out"/subscription system. Most definitely. But there is something to be said for having to (possibly save up and) pay a few hundred bucks at once each year instead of having the option to pay a few tenners each month for the duration of the year.

    I know quite a few people who subscribed to Adobe CC or any of their applications for that very reason, because it feels cheaper and is definitely easier to put down a smaller amount of money each and every month, even though it clearly is by no means cheaper in the long(er) term. But the Adobe system is definitely no option here.

  • If the payment plan sounds good to you, here's what I recommend: look at the current price of HitFilm Pro ($299 at the time I'm writing this, not counting the current sale), divide that by 12, and start setting aside that amount each month.  Yes, it will take you a year to save up the full cost of Pro, but seriously, if there's even a tiny glimmer of a chance that FXHOME decides to implement a monthly payment option, I wager it'll be at least a year before it comes to pass anyway.

    Twelve months from now, even if a payment plan isn't an option, you'll have saved up enough to buy Pro outright.  You buy it, and then start saving for the next version while using the one you just bought, which is essentially what you would've done via the payment plan anyway.

    What do you do for the next 12 months?  Hammer away on Express until you know it inside and out (which I still can't claim, and I've been using it since version 2).  Yes, Pro has all of the features that make people drool, but Express is still very capable, and it'll force you to get creative.  One of my main motivators when I really started getting a handle on Express was seeing people ask, "Can [insert effect/look here] be done in Express?"  I'd immediately open it and give it a shot. I couldn't always get it to work, but even if not, the process of experimentation -- and reading what others had to say -- taught me new stuff every single time.

    But I digress. Really, just start saving your money. More likely than not a payment plan will never happen, so what position would you prefer to find yourself in come January 2019: having enough to buy Pro, or not having it and still waiting for a payment plan option?

  • thank god, I don't want hit film to go down the Adobe route

  • Please help me understand something big - 
    (1). Pro says it has "Chroma Key"; but I've been using that
             in a free Express (hitfilm 4 Express).
             Is the Pro version's "Chroma Key" better in some features?
    (2). If I buy the Pro, after the 12 months of free upgrades,
            how much will another 12 months of upgrades cost (for the
            same version)?

    Thanks for your time in answering.

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    HF Express has Color Key and Color Difference Key. The Chroma Key in Pro is more flexible and has a lot more options for tuning and refining the generated mask. 

    2) upgrade pricing would be a bit of a guess. Sometimes the pricing scheme changes. Current (sale) upgrade price is about $160 USD, normally $180. That's a reasonable guess, but, again, is subject to change. 

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    @DevGirlPlus for all its many sliders, I've personally tried and failed to get the Chroma Key Effect in Pro to improve on anything I had problems with in Express.

    It also has the quite weird Edge Color>Recover Edge Color option that mangles the heck out of the entire image at any value above 0.2 (on a range of 0.0-10.0)  and does nothing useful below that. What would be nice is an actual Recover Edge Color option that did just that.

    Definitely check out the demo and try out that feature yourself.

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    Splice has done this for products like Ozone and they seem to be doing just fine with it. You can also still just buy Ozone outright. It's not that Adobe went subscription, it's that they went subscription ONLY. No sure what the debate is among the user base, though FXHOME would certainly need  to work out how that would affect their business model. If it works for them it works for me.

    Really, if I understand correctly, can't you just buy modules for express piece by piece and eventually have something comparable if not the same to Pro? At the very least they'll knock the money invested off the upgrade cost so it's practically like rent to own in that respect except you don't HAVE to pay every month to keep it activated. You're just buying modules as you please.


  • @LucidEcho "Really, if I understand correctly, can't you just buy modules for express piece by piece and eventually have something comparable if not the same to Pro?"

    Almost. I believe there are a few effects/features that are Pro-only, plus the cost of all Express add-ons is greater than buying a Pro license. If you plan on buying Express add-on packs one by one, keep track of the total amount you're spending. When that amount is close to the Pro license cost, buy Pro and you'll likely have very little (if anything) to pay.

  • @jsbarrett as of my last check (August 2018) Pro-Only features were about four effects, and third party OFX plug in support.

    @LucidEcho about HALF of what you spend on add-ons is applied as credit to a Pro purchase. IMHO if you've spent $150 or more on add-ons, stop and save for Pro. 

  • Other Pro only features are support for resolutions above 4K UHD, and multiple seat licenses.

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