using hitfilm 3 pro and 123d catch to make realistic 3d models canyons .


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Now THAT was soooo much fun. Some really great visual effects, and what a great hook with the boys putting themselves in the comic book story. A good use of dissolves from CG to comics panel. This is great! 

  • I saw this in your other thread, and can only echo what Mike said above.  Fun scenario, nice editing and effects.  It may be worth putting together a quick tutorial on how you set up the terrain.

  • That terrain looked fantastic. I definitely would bout mind seeing a tutorial on that.

  • I would love to do a  tutorial on the landscape, but unfortunately the program "123d catch " is no longer available as a phone app. I made these scapes over a  year ago.

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