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Most of us know how to tag other users with the @ preface before their username; e.g. @jsbarrett (though half of the tags aimed at me don't notify me because they're spelled incorrectly, but that's another matter).  However, once in a while I notice a post where someone is (apparently) tagged successfully without the leading @ ; e.g. jsbarrett .  Personally I like the cleaner look of that second option, and am tempted to start tagging that way from now on.  However, for the folks who know this forum software behind the scenes, is there really a difference between the two tagging methods?  Are there possibly situations where a tag without the @ won't be caught by the parser, or can they be used pretty much interchangeably? 


  • Okay, now that I've tried using the sans-@ method myself, I'm finding that it's not working.  Not sure how it appears to work in some threads I've seen.  Must be a fluke.

  • @jsbarrett. When I first saw it being used, I suspected others were copying and pasting a link from a previous post without the @.  When I first came to the forum I was doing the same until it triggered the spam filter somehow and I got a message about needing approval for a post.  After some tinkering I figured it was my improper linking that caused it...maybe not though.

  • As far as I know, you can't tag somebody without the @. Best guess in the cases where it appears to work, the tagged users were already subscribed to the thread using the "star" system.

    Note that tagging and hyperlinking* users are different things, and only tagging sends the "you have been tagged" notification. Often people are linked by copy and paste, as tddavis says. You can even copy and paste a previous tag link with the @ on the front and it still won't work. In that case you've to manually remove the link (text cursor inside the link, click the link icon and clear the url box) for it to pick up on the tag.

    The only reliable way to tag people, as far as I know, is to type the names out manually. It's a bit naff.

    * possibly showing my age by calling it a hyperlink?!

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    Tagging someone works with the @, but also if you copy the username in a thread (jsbarrett )... I'm not sure if that person gets a notification though.

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