Respect In/Out points

Right now, I can only get HitFilm to respect In/Out points if I drag them from the Trimmer view. Is there a way to get the Project Media view to respect them? Right now, dragging a clip from Project Media into the Editor just takes the entire untrimmed clip and dumps the whole thing into the editor.


  • @drivendaily ; Are you saying that the buttons circled in red in this photo don't set the points? settings.PNG?dl=0

    That would be super strange to me.

  • Yes, both in the composite editor and in the trimmer (top-left, by default).

  • I can trim a clip/composite/whatever like so:
    trimmed clip

    ... but then inserting it doesn't respect the in/out time at all. The composite should only be ~2 seconds long in this example:
    inserted clip

    I'm assuming this isn't the recommended workflow, but if that's the case what should I be doing instead?

  • @drivendaily ; Wow.  That's way over my head then.  I cannot think of a reason why it behave that way.  Hope one of the pros here has a better idea.  Sorry.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, it's always good to have a sanity check to make sure I'm not the only one who is losing their mind 

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    Thats how its always worked for me on the timeline (since Pro3). The full clip is imported with no respect for in and out in the comp. Ive always had to make the comp size the exact time I need


  • Setting the in/out points on a timeline is not "trimming". That is only setting the in/out points for looping playback. The loop region. They have no other meaning.

    You trim clips on a timeline by dragging the left/right edges of the clip on the timeline. NLE or composite timelines.

    A composite shot is a certain length. That length being defined in its properties.

    A composite shot placed on another timeline can be trimmed. Much like any other "media" can be trimmed on a timeline. The whole composite will be dragged/dropped onto the the other timeline. NLE or composite. At which point you can trim the left/right edges that particular instance of the composite on that particular timeline.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    What Norman said. :) 

  • That's how I've been doing it, but my previous workflow in Premiere was to go through the clips initially, trim, and create proxies ... THEN start building sequences/composites in the NLE. It felt like a pretty natural workflow, and it seems like this option is considerably slower.

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