RAM Preview is Deleted When I Try to Play It

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Hi everyone,

I have a particle animation made. I RAM preview it, which works fine. The, when I click play, the whole RAM preview deletes. I am on a Mac. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  • Never mind  - I can drop this composite shot into another blank one, and it previews correctly.

  • It also did this for me once on PC and was consistent in that changing sizes and sections to RAM preview made no difference. They always got deleted. I found that saving the project and reloading it fixed it. This wasn't intended to be a fix; I'd saved the project to send with a bug report, but after loading it back in again the problem had gone. So, it's intermittent, elusive and not easily reproduced.  Reported anyway, so it's on the buglist.

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    (ram preview delete on clicking play). This happened to me once when I first got Hitfilm 6 and was testing various previous items. Well, it happened repeatedly until some state change occured I cannot identify. I was not able to reproduce. Elusive would be the word.

  • I've had it happen several times.  But as Norman  said, it's elusive.  It's also a PITA when you wait for your entire particle intense with a side of twirled fractal noise masterpiece,  to ram render, only to see the blue bar disappear the minute you hit play.

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    Yep. This is an on again/off again thing for me as well. Just tested on a shot I was working on when I saw this post. One time the blue bar stays...next time it doesn't. I've noticed it few other times in the past few weeks as well.

  • I think this is an intermittent glitch caused by the new Playback/Pause viewer options. This glitch happened 100% of the time in early Beta and now happens 5% of the time. The Devs are working on nailing it down, but certain procedural effects seem to be a trigger. 

  • This happens to me most of the time. My solution is to click away to another tab (The Editor or a different Composite Shot), then click right back. The Ram Preview will then work. While it is not ideal, the solution for me is very quick. I am now in the habit of doing it every time I need a Ram Preview.

    My bigger problem is any file rendered in Version 6 starts flashing at the 5-6 minute mark. This is, of course, unviewable. If I am creating a video that is over 5 minutes, I cannot do it in Version 6. My solution to this point is to work in Version 5. If I absolutely need something from Version 6 that is not in Version 5, then I build only that piece in Version 6, render it, then stitch it back into Version 5.

  • Thanks everyone! For me, it seems to only occur when I am working in 3d - whether that is 3d models or particles. What @HitfilmSensei said about switching tabs seems to be working.

  • Cool, going to have to remember to do that. Nice one @HitfilmSensei ;)

  • For me, today the render preview does not work sometimes when using the new behavioral FX but it's hard to recreate, it's very random.


  • So I was getting this prerender problem more and more since my last post and clicking away etc did not work for me but I found a solution that does.

    On the main screen go. File -setting- Cache and "Delete all files" you will need to re-start HF for it to be reset to "0" but then I can pre-render OK
    So save your project then restart, it works for me at least.

    There does seem a few more bugs in this version than the previous 2017


  • same here , at other times it works . when it  did it's  Auto-Invalidation of the RAM  preview , the project was more lengthy and complex . ( will keep an eye on it )  Vegas still has issues in this area too ( mem leaks , array out of bounds issues  etc,... )

  • The issue with the ram preview being cleared when it shouldn't has been fixed internally. It will come in the next update. If it's not, please let us know.

    As always, no, I can't give any details as to when it will be published, sorry.

    Regarding @HitfilmSensei issue with the export being corrupted if the video is longer than 5 minutes, we weren't able to reproduce it unfortunately. We tried on different machines with different configs... Is this still happening for you?

  • @CedricBonnier Yes it is still occurring. My solution is to build any project file longer than five minutes in HitFilm Pro 2017. Works every time!

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