Any option to open Hitfilm Pro project with Hitfilm Pro 2017?

The still not fixed tracker bug is driving me mad which came up with Hitfilm 2018. Is there any Option to open the Project with Hitfilm Pro 2017 which doesn't have this bug to get the tracking done without running mad by the misplacement of tracker gizmo in Pro 2018?


  • No. It is not possible to open projects from a later version of Hitfilm in an earlier version. This is also true of After Effects, Vegas, Premiere, Nuke, Resolve, etc. 

    Hitfilm v6 is a very different beast from 2017. My own poking around to move presets and custom configurations forward shows that the file structure and actual files are different in the new version. I suspect major rewriting of much of the code. Then you have things like keyframing in the Editor Timeline, which is not possible in 2017. This makes it impossible to move a file backwards. 

    So, you track in 2017 then move the tracked shots forward to v6 via Import Composite Shot. 

  • Oh, has the tracker got worse again?  What's the problem in the latest version?

  • @Palacono: I reported it here  and they confirmed it, but it wasn't fixed with the december update.


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