trouble buying hitfilm express 2017 add ons

hello everyone i have been trying to buy some hitfilm express 2017 add ons i Do Not have a credit card so i got a gift card (visa vanilla gift card) and every time i try to buy the add ons i type in the card info Right and it keeps saying my card can not make the purchase i have  enough cash on the card to get the add on so i'm not sure what to do i've been trying at this for days now the card is good?


  • You'll need to contact support directly for this. There's probably account information you'd need to give out, and users (Moderators are volunteers, not staff) won't have access to anything that can help you.

    Patience, as, with New Year's, some people are out of office and there will be a bit of a backlog when they get back. This might not get resolved until Jan 4 or 5.

  • Triem23 ok i will contact them and let them know thanks for the reply and hope you have a happy new year's thank you.

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