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Hello everyone, very new to video editing as I got my first video recorder as a gift from Santa.  No experience at all.  Heard about HF and love it so far.  Got some videos from camera (m2ts) and copied them to my system which has HF installed.  I followed how to add them as one video, but I don't see an option for exporting the video as m2ts when I go to export.

Am I mistaken or correct that the addon pack "Premium formats" is the one to buy in order to have this option?  Or the ?Audio-vidual" one?

Sorry for the basic questions, behind the curve here, but willing to learn.



  • Another question here.  I have a BluRay disc (several discs) about RR Trains.  They are in m2ts and audio is DTS.  I was looking at the Premium formats, but I only see that it mentions Dolby AC3.  Does the pack also include DTS?

    Or if I get the pack will I have to convert the audio from DTS to Dolby?

    Thanks again

  • @TangoPapa ; I have a camera that shoots m2ts format files as well and have HF Pro which I believe comes with all the add on packs already and I have not seen a way to export in that format, but I could be mistaken. I usually use the Youtube 1080 MP4 format when I export.  I'll have a look see at export settings again just to be sure and append if needed.

  • Great name, TangoPapa!

    You are correct. The Premium Formats Pack is required for mts files. 

    You have another option: there are a variety of free programs you can use to convert mts files to other formats that Hitfilm can read. That said, eventually that eats enough time, you might just want to pay the $10.

    I'm going to go ahead and recommend my own Essential Hitfilm tutorials as a good way to get started. The first episode is an interface tour, the second on import/export, the third covers video editing tools and the fourth audio tools. Things get more complicated from there:


    On the Playlists section of that channel are compiled playlists from over 20 other creators including the official Hitfilm channel, Hitfilm Sensei, Red Alert! Shiny Films Digital Blast/Aiden Roberts, Clever Tagline, Inscape Digital and just a whole bunch more. That's a good starting place to find (and subscribe to) tutorials ranging from basic operations to recreating specific movie/TV effects and everything in between. 

    Basically, welcome to the Hitfilm community. We'll try to get you creating quickly! Any specific questions, bring them to the forum and, usually, five people will have six answers. :) 

  • I'm not certain about DTS. I want to say Hitfilm doesn't import it, but I could be wrong. 

    I'll tag @Aladdin4d @Stargazer54 and @NormanPCN (to tag a user, add the @ before name, @TangoPapa) who are our resident tech experts. 

    I'll tag @CedricBonnier on staff, but he's probably still on vacation for a couple of days.

    Finally, hope you don't mind me combining your threads and changing its title. I figured combining your new user questions into one thread would ultimately be easier for you to follow. 

  • @Triem23 ; Just to clarify for me, I should be able to export m2ts files with Hitfilm Pro (6)?  I cannot find that setting anywhere in exports what am I doing wrong?

  • @tddavis nope. Premium Formats lets m2t IMPORT. 

    M2ts are a variation on mp4, I think. 

  • @Triem23 Okay, that's what I thought.  I didn't want to have given bad info there plus my one camera shoots that natively and it would have been cool to keep it in that format if it was possible but I wasn't seeing the option when I checked for the O.P.

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    Thanks everyone and np at all combining my threads.

    So just to make sure:

    Q1 - Does the addon "Premium formats" export editted video to m2ts for the final video?  Looks like answer is no?

    Q2 - If the source has DTS audio, it appears that HitFilm does not have an option keep DTS.  Am I wrong here?

    I just want my new video with only stitching the videos together stay in it's original format.  At least I am going to try to keep it original.

    Thank you everybody for the responses, very nice group here.  Holiday's are here and near so I'll wait till the new year.  Happy New Year everyone!!!

  • Hitfilm does not export the m2ts container format. m2ts is not a video or audio format. Just a generic file container.

    FxHome claims no DTS import ability so I'll take their word for it. I've no file to test but since this is a protected format that would require royalty payments I feel safe in that there is no undocumented feature.

    On that note, does any editor support DTS import or export?

    "DTS" can be a few separate sub-formats so it is always best to be very specific.

    Hitfilm is stereo only so there is an issue with any multi-channel audio for import. An external app would need to downsample to stereo (correct use of term downsample?).

    Hitfilm has only one output format for general playback use and that is AVC/H.264 video with AAC audio in an MP4 file container. This is as universal a format as exists in this world.

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