never mind, offer has expired.

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Someone mentioned this elsewhere, so I looked at and it's legitimate and not a hooky Pirate version. 

You have about 4 more hours to get yourself a full version of the previous version of Vegas Pro 14 Edit ( Pro 15 has been out a few months now), plus 9 other programs.

Magix evidently decided that virtually giving away about 150,000 serial numbers at peanuts was worth it to get a few future upgrades, much as FXHome does with Hitfilm Express.

Don't delay, it integrates with Hitfilm to allow you to use both together and is an absolute bargain.  Give yourself a late Christmas Present.

I'll re-edit this in a few hours when the time is up.



  • did someone found a way to integrate HFP (v6) into Vegas 14 like someone did with HF3/4 into Vegas 13?

  • It does it automatically. You have 20 minutes more. :)

  • Hi Palacono,

     Thanks for posting this.  Arg, I can't believe I missed out on this deal.  Oh well.


  • @Palacono

    I bought the bundle when it came out and no, it doesn't integrates with HFP v6

  • @whakan Are you sure?  I've been using Vegas Movie Studio 14 with Hitfilm Pro 2017 with no problems before I got the upgrades, so I'd be surprised if it didn't. I'll have to check properly when I'm back in the country and get to install all the software in the bundle and maybe reinstall Hitfilm 2018.

  • already tried to reinstal HF but nothing, tried also to install HFP2017 demo wich integrates perfectly and then replace the folder with the version 6 one, nope, vegas just says "could not hopen HitFilm"

  • Hitfilm 6 has a lot of core engine changes compared to Hitfilm 2017 (if you have both installed dig into the Windows>Program Data>FXHOME>Hitfilm *version* folders and see how different the files and file structures are for a hint at how different the versions really are. 

    Hitfilm/Vegas integration requires code at both ends--FXHOME and Magix. FXHOME isn't responsible for the Vegas side of the code. FXHOME MIGHT have done Vegas 14 code at their end, but, with Vegas 14 being end of life, chances are Magix will never update it again. Integration might never be fixed. 

    @Palacono has an old workaround for prior Hitfilm/Vegas versions that might work?

    On the other hand you got Vegas 14 for $20 not Vegas 15 for $400. For paying only 5%, still a great deal. 

    Incidentally I don't use integration much. When shifting from Hitfilm to Vegas Vegas has to render a spaf0 proxy which takes almost as long as just rendering from Hitfilm, so I just render anyway. 

  • Hi Triem23,

     Thanks for your comments regarding integration. Regarding your workflow, would you mind telling me what format you render in to go between programs? Is it Cineform or uncompressed AVI (or other)? Personally, I have always loved the integration feature and I hope this will be readopted since I can never seem to get the hack to work.

  • @Manhit if I were preparing something for broadcast or Blu-Ray I'd probably use Cineform, but for web/streaming I usually render mp4 with a target of 35mbps and a max of 53mbps. (this is for 1080p--for 4k Cineform or mp4 at 100/150 mbps). 

    My camera shoots 35mbps in 1080 and 100mbps in 4k, so this gives me about the same quality as my source footage to begin with--especially since streaming cuts final bitrate to about 8mbps.

    Vegas isn't as laggy as Hitfilm with mp4 so for me that's pretty much a good compromise to maintain quality without creating huge Cineform files. 

  • @Triem23 thank you for your explaination about core changes, I already tried some kind of workaround and it didn't worked, maybe @palacono has another one.

    anyway when I bought Vegas I already knew that integration could not work (and doesn't work officially) I bought it primarly for 5.1 surround, and rapid edits, or anywhay with the intention to render first in HF, but if there is any chance of integrating both program it wold be nice eventought is not my priority 

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    I'll have a poke around on my return. I've managed to get previous versions of Hitfilm to integrate with all versions of Vegas in the past, even when not officially integrated, just by a bit of file copying and renaming. 

    As was the case in all the previous times when integration was not 'official', it has nothing, zero and diddly squat to do with Magix, or Sony before them as to whether a specific version is integrated or not. It's 100% FXHome's decision to have the .dll file that Vegas looks for when it comes across a Hitfilm project file point to the relevant version of Hitfilm to deal with it. That mechanism hasn't changed since Hitfilm 2 and Vegas 12. When FxHome don't provide the correct .dll and other files during installation, renaming the .exe file of one they don't support to one they do seems to work fine. Vegas just goes "Deal with this and give me back some frames I can understand" and doesn't care a jot how it's done. 

  • @Palacono is ignoring that Vegas needs to be told to look for the correct dll file which is a tweak at *ahem* the Vegas end. 

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    It does that based on the file extension, which hasn't changed. ;)

     That then looks in a ( tries to remember) .io file? Which points at the .exe. Just for fun, as you can point that at anything, I had it opening the .hfp files in Notepad.exe.

    Trust me, if it was more complicated than that: I wouldn't have been able to do it. :) 

  • I understood just a few things, if you'll get to integrate both programs let me know, meanwhile I'll try to play around. :)

  • I think the feature in Vegas to take a clip and make a Hitfilm effect from it requires some work on the Vegas end of things.

    To simply be able to put/play a Hitfilm timeline on the Vegas timeline as a clip is easily done in any Vegas or Hitfilm version. This is controlled by a text file in the Vegas application folder. The file is named, "Hitfilm.fio2007-config"

    The contents edited to point at the Hitfilm 6 folder is as follows. Really all I did was take an "old" version of the file and edit/point at the "new" Hitfilm installation folder.

    [FileIO Plug-Ins]
    HitFilmFileIO=C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll

    With this I can play a Hitfilm 6 timeline into Vegas 14. The contents as listed seem to put the Editor NLE timeline from the in to out points on the Vegas timeline. If my memory serves me. I don't use the link feature so I am going from memory a bit.

  • @NormanPCN yup. It's a simple, stupid, 10 second fix, but, again, that's a file distributed in the VEGAS package, so FXHOME doesn't have access to it. Hence, why I keep saying it's an issue at the Magix (formerly Sony) end.

  • @Triem23 I don't remember that file in my Vegas install until after Hitfilm installed. I think the Hitfilm installer put that file in the Vegas install folder. 

  • @NormanPCN It does. For the millionth time: it's FXHome's responsibility. :)

  • Tried  the @NormanPCN and it worked! now vegas load the hfp (v6) file perfectly or well partially, it load the entire hitfilm timeline even where there is no content. the add hitfilm effect button is missing, but I'll try to follow other workaround to make it work.

    Thank You!

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