Custom Viewer Magnification

It there a way to type in a custom magnification for the viewer?  50% is too larger for what I'm trying to do and 25% is too small. Can I type in 40% or a different number other than the presets?


  • Mouse wheel moves in 10% increments I think?

  • That's not working, but thanks for the quick reply.

  • Get a new mouse? I don't use anything else to zoom in or out. Apart from selecting Fit to View ( or whatever it's called) from the drop down scale menu because that's still not on a key.

  • "That's not working..."

    The mouse wheel interpretation is context sensitive (location). The mouse cursor/pointer needs to be over the viewer window for the mouse scroll wheel to affect viewer magnification.

  • Thanks @NormanPCN, having the cursor over the window works. And yes, @Palacono, in 10% increments. I guess there's not a way to type in a custom percentage but this will do.

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