Looping a clip on one layer

I have a short clip (about 1 second) and want to loop it and have it like 1 minute long, so i can keyframe it. My problem is, that it creates another layer if i duplicate it and i can´t merge it together. (Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/htrtwt). With the current method i have a working loop but am not able to edit/keyframe it as a whole. I want one long clip and not many small and seperated ones.

Copy and paste didn´t work, created another layer aswell. So is stretching because it changes the speed of the clip.

Keep in mind, that the clip is already edited (for example the background is masked out).

I am new to hitfilm aswell as editing/cutting in general. I hope you can help me with my problem.

Kind regards


  • When you duplicate or paste there is always another layer. You do not Need to merge them but when duplicating you have to move the start Point to the end Point of the other layer.

    I just made what you wanted to achieve and I took These steps:

    - created a comp for the clip, called it 1sec, adde the Clip and did some effects

    - created a comp for the target Clip, called it 60sec and inserted the 1sec comp

    - then I did CTRL+C = COPY (not duplicate)

    - then 59 times I pressed PAGE-DOWN which will move the playhead to the end and CTRL+V to paste the next layer at the playheads position (that's why I didn't use duplicate since then I would have to adjust all 59 starting Points)

    That's it. If you Need any Special changes to the source footage you do it in the 1sec comp so it affects all 60 layers. Or do it in a grade layer which is placed at the first Position in the layer stack.

    Again: you get a layer for every copy inside the comp. It is not like editing the timeline where Clips are placed behind each other because the Composites are layer based.

    When you want to Speed Things up you Can Proxy the 1sec comp when finished so it is prerendered. Then Hitfilm doesn't Need to render it multiple times. Keep in mind that making changes to the 1sec comp would invalidate the Proxy so you have to create it when you're finished or recreate it when you made changes. 

    Hope this could help a bit. Have a happy new year.

  • Thank you for the detailed answere! It kinda helps me out with creating a smooth loop and basic understanding but the problem with keyframing is still present, because i need to keyframe every single 1sec clip. I don´t want the keyframing be the same every 1sec clip.


    For example if i want the object out of the 1sec clip to move around (change position) during the 60 seconds, i have to change the starting position to the endpostion of the previous 1sec clip and have to jump around between the layers. Which makes it pretty annoying to keyframe it over the 60sec period.

    If this is not possible, i guess i have to stick with it.

    Thanks again, i appreciate it

  • I am not sure if I understand exactly what your trying to achive. You have an object inside the 1sec Clip which should move during the 60 sec? What Kind of object? A part of the Picture itself (which also repeats 60 times so you can't move it)?

    If you want to move anotehr object (any 2d or 3d) it hast ist own keyframes which last over the whole 60sec Clip. Maybe you Can upload the Clip and describe what you exactly want to "move" and I Can see if I Can help with that.

  • BTW: You Can add the 60s comp to your main edit comp so you have one "Clip" (it's a comp of Course) which is 60 sec. If you want it to move over 60 sec you only Need to keyframes - if that is what you are trying to achieve.

    That's why I made two comps: The first one to apply masks and evrything else which is related to that 1sec only. Then the 60s com which is only meant to be as a holder for the Loop. And that holder is inserted to your working comp so it appears as one Clip.

  • The 1sec clip is a person doing a funny move with his hands. I want this clip in a loop for 60 seconds. During these 60 seconds the move should not only be repeated, i also want the person itself "fly" around smoothly while doing the move. As i said i already masked out the background and the loop is created more or less aswell. Keyframing is right for what i want to archieve and i know how it works.

    The problem is, that i have to keyframe on multiple layers instead of one long track. Which makes it pretty exhausting to edit.

    I hope that is more understandable  

  • @Juda1 is on the right track (Juda, interesting you made your effects on the one second clip). 

    In a Composite Shot it's one clip per layer. That's how layers work (unlike TRACKS in Editor Timelines).

    Copy/Paste will get you your 60 seconds easier than duplicate/slide. Do this in its own Composite Shot then proxy the Composite Shot.

    Once you have the created the Comp of 60 1-second loops, you Drag this Composite Shot into another Composite Shot.

    Once you do this you have a Composite Shot that is treated as a single video clip. From there you can animate.

    Dragging a comp into a comp can be called nesting, baking, embedding or pre-comping and similar things can be done in other software like After Effects. It's an important concept to grasp because it's used a lot. 

    Read here: http://hitfilm.com/reference-manuals/hitfilm-express-2017#embedding_composite_shots.htm#hmpopupDiv

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    @ImKeller ; If I understand what you are wanting to achieve correctly here I did something similar with a butterfly model a while back as a demonstration for another user.  I animated the butterfly wings in Blender and exported as a PNG sequence and made sure the end position of the wings was the same as the start so it would be loopable.  Then I animated the position of this import in Hitfilm to make fly around. 

    (You would do this in a comp (Say comp A) in Hitfilm with your case and get your 60 sec loop the hand movement.  Then you would create a new comp (Say comp B)and and drag the first comp A from the media bin into it and you would keyframe your movement around the screen here using the transform controls on Comp A inside Comp B...)  I think this will give you the look you are looking for.  Hope I haven't unnecessarily muddied the waters here and it helps you out.

  • Thank you very much for the answeres,

    I think i understand it now and will give it a try. Let me test and play around with it a bit.

    If i still have problems i will write again 

    Thank you kindly

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