Changing Hitfilm GUI Colour & Layout?

One of my greatest wishes is to change the colour of the Hitfilm GUI.  I absolutely hate the black colour.  I find the white text on black background very difficult to read and tiring to my eyes.  I had hoped that by v3 we would have the option to change this.  There's not even the ability to tone the GUI down to light gray as in Adobe products.  How difficult would it be to add this option to the next update?  

Also, I'd like to be able to dock windows how I like. Why can't I dock the preview window and the meter with the effects so that they're all on the same level?  I could then click on the tabs that I need when necessary rather than having the effects tab taking up space all the time even when I don't need it.

Please FXHome give us these options!


  • The layout of the interface is completely customizable, you can move any tab almost anywhere you want, including un-docking it from the main interface.  I'm not sure if, when you say preview window, you mean the Viewer or the Trimmer, but either way, its a simple matter to move the Meters so they sit alongside them and the effects panel if you want to.

  • I agree with the OP about the color scheme of the UI. With its medium-gray text on a darker gray background, it's really difficult to read. There ought to be a way to change that.

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