Free presetpack!

Hi guys,
I made this little preset pack for Hitfilm:)
[*]4 really cool distortion effects(like the twitch effects from videocopilot)
[*]4 lightsaber presets
[*]Nightvision preset
See the video to see how they look and how to install presets in Hitfilm.

Subscribe to my youtube channel for future videos:)


  • Pretty cool stuff. :D
  • Many thanks for sharing :-) Great stuff !
  • Nice, thanks for making these and sharing
  • Nice work! And that's a cool little promo video.
  • Totally awesome, thanks!!
  • Looks great!! Thanks for the presets :)
  • Thanks for sharing....I've put it into the community lib:
    Hope, that's okay for you?
  • Thanks for the replies guys:)
    @Majahr: Yes by all means!:)
  • Thanks for your nice presetpack! :)
  • Thank you. The distortion effect was just what i was looking for. You are a total star.
  • i followed all the steps but i dont get a presets folder appear. i guess i need the ultimate version? i dunno this is frustrating
  • You don't need the ultimate version to install presets I think.
    Make sure you have selected the checkbox where it allows you to see hidden files and maps(see the first steps in the video).
    Otherwise you have to ask someone from the Hitfilm staff if he/she can help you further:)
  • thanks for sharing!
  • Thanks for sharing this awesome pack! :D
  • when i go on hitfilm it dosn't have any of the text presets or the nightvision
  • @Majahr: Wow, very well done website with tutes and samples, etc.
  • Many Thanks for the Presets! :-)
  • Hey that's pretty nice stuff! Make me wish I had more time to be doing Hitfilm related stuff right now. Oh well LoL
  • I needed Night Vision, and yours is great... and easily adjustable. Thanks.
  • Thank you for the great preset pack!
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    Majahr I am on a mac where I cannot install your installer.

    Could you kindly put up the hfpr file for Rodypolis dust preset ?

  • This sounds really cool, but the video seems to be unavailable, would you mind updating it?

  • @zcream @D1a1v1e11 This is a thread from Spring, 2012. The OP has not posted in this forum since May, 2013. The preset packs discussed in this thread may not be available anymore.

    In the meantime:

    • There are other tutorials on YouTube for glitch and twitch presets available on the Hitfilm Preset Marketplace at
    • There are other night-vision tutorials on YouTube and presets available on the Preset Marketplace.
    • The "Lightsaber"presets--this is well before Hitfilm added a Lighsword effect. These presets are likely masked planes with glow effects on them that would need to be hand-roto'd for every frame.

    In short, everything that was likely in this preset pack is probably obsolete. Majahr's link to his preset library is still active, but the downloads are "hfpi" files, and the current file format for Hitfilm presets is "hfpr." "Hfpi files do not load into current versions of Hitfilm. That may be a retired format from older versions?

    @Majahr hasn't been too active recently. He hasn't been on the forum in two months, so we'll see when he sees this message.

  • Oh, my bad, I didn’t realize this was so old, Thanks!

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