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   I am trying to create the effect that you get when you look at a TV screen or LED wall too close or try to record eather of those things on a crappy camera. Here are some pictures of what I want http://ibb.co/g5SmvR http://ibb.co/fvEo9m I tried to make the effect using the techniques used in the lego and glitch tutorals, but it loked very bad. basically what I want is a small grid with slight RGB split on each square or something like that.


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  • Bad link? 

    Remind us if you're Express or Pro and what add ons you have. 

  • express with no addons (yet) and here, it was two links my bad




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    Might be worth getting the Destruction Pack. TV damage would make this really easy.

    You can roll your own, and you're on the right track by adapting @jsbarrett 's Lego tutorial, but you need to isolate the RGB channels then offset the dots for each channel to simulate the phosphors.

    For the record, here's a photo of a TV and PC monitor to see two different phosphor patterns.

    I'm at work not at comp. I don't remember which @inScapeDigital tutorial covered splitting the RGB channels, but he's covered it. I think Shiny Films and Aiden Roberts have as well. 

  • Chromatic aberration is this video: https://youtu.be/fqKNHFG-S68

    But as Triem said, the TV Damage effect is exactly what you're looking for. See this video about 5 minutes in for the Monitor property: https://youtu.be/YYwY1_3p1wQ

  • Thanks guys,  (sorry for the delay christmas happened) I was planning on getting the distruction pack soon anyway so this is perfect, do you know if the chromatic aberration effect comes with any addons?

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    @D1a1v1e11 ; Went through all the express packs and even Hitfilm Pro (ver 6) and cannot find any chromatic aberration effect at all.  So I did a google search and found this video by Javert @inScapeDigitial ;  I hope it helps you out.


    And now I see he's already linked it for you...duh.  It had a preset download linked to it as well which is why I thought you might find it useful.

  • Chromatic Aberration is not an effect (though I'd love it if it was), it's a preset made up of several effects.

  • I'm sorry, when I watched that video I was skimming through it and it was like 2 am. I saw that he was in HitFilm Pro and that he was useing a present called chromatic aberration and apparently that was all by brain comprehended. Thanks for the help guys! I'll try that out tomorrow or friday sometime.


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  • also I find it kind of funny that for VFX and CG artests imperfection has become perfection 

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