Hit film 4 express will not run after upgrade???

So I upgraded as prompted by the program, and now I get this when I try to run hitfilm 4 express --- "We are Sorry  Hit Film Express 2017 has encountered a problem and has to exit"  To fix this problem send a report.  I sent in a report... running an ASUS  with

Intel® Driver & Support Assistant


Intel® Core™ i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz


Intel® HD Graphics 3000


4 GB of RAM


I do not get it...the program ran well before I did the upgrade...Help!!




  • Go back to Express 4. You've been lucky. 

    Listed minimum requirements for Hitfilm 4 Express and Hitfilm Express 2017 include the HD 4000. Your HD 3000 is officially under spec. If 4 was working for you, stay on it, but, officially, you can't expect either version to work on that machine. 

  • Well that is disappointing, I did like the program I am not sure what to do now.  So I do now see that it is under spec.  I am baffled why it ran before 

    I am not sure how to roll it back to the last version before the upgrade.  Nor am I sure about the ability to upgrade the graphics card on this older laptop

    What do you mean about" go back to  Express 4"?




  • You can uninstall Hitfilm Express 2017 and reinstall Express 4. If that was working for you, you can stay on it until such time as you might have a more powerful computer.

    The CPU you have has an integrated HD 3000. If (not usually possible, but worth checking out,) you could upgrade the CPU to something with an HD 4000 or better... 

    Adding a discrete GPU to a laptop is almost always impossible. There are external options, but believe they require Thunderbolt ports, which you wouldn't have. 

  • So I can uninstall the current version from October 2017, where do I find a link to reinstall the previous version that was running?




  • In the MENU, top right of this page, go to your ACCOUNT. From there, you can access the installers for all versions of Hitfilm you own, along with all your serial numbers.

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