Prevent Mac from sleep while exporting

On my mac HF Pro goes into sleep mode while rendering exports. So if I forget to turn it of nothing happens overnight - everybody just sleep...  Would it be possible to prevent sleep mode inside the HF code?



  • If you "forget to turn it off"? I'm not a Mac user, but are you saying there is a 'No Sleep' option on your Mac - as there is on all PCs - but you aren't using it properly, and to compensate for that you want the Hitfilm devs to override the OS in some way to counteract your forgetfulness? 

     I can't see them rushing to add that feature any time soon. 

  • I’m guessing the following applies to macs in general.

    “You can set the time interval before the laptop goes into sleep mode, or you can prevent the MacBook from ever going to sleep by changing the Energy Saver utility settings. 1. Select "System Preferences" from the Apple drop-down menu at the top left corner of the desktop.“

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    Um, never had this problem with the Power Nap. iCloud updates, email and Time machine, as well as rendering,  work perfectly while napping.

    Maybe you should untick "Put Hard drive to sleep when possible". That might solve your issue

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