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how do I unhide a forum category that I hid?


  • Hid everything, can't find a way. :D

    My guess is that it's an admin only feature for now

  • ;

    This is what I mean, I hid the category but I want to unhide it

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    The navigation for the categories page is missing root links that one should be able to use to navigate places...such as "ALL".  Also there should be an unhide in the cog wheel after viewing "ALL" but it appears this theme doesn't have the cog wheel fully functional

    Try this

    Navigate to the categories page and paste this in your browser window...


    So for this forum it would be

    You can also do just; .....but the flags I showed above should force the issue if your logged in.

    This should show you all of the categories...even the ones you hid.

    This should be part of the Cog wheel but as I's missing from the theme. Easy fix for the Devs though.

    btw - I see 8 Categories. Not sure what it should be though. I might've hid one by mistake myself

  • @GrayMotion thanks for the help 

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