[ANSWERED] MP4 File fuzzy when playing but not when paused

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I have a strange one happening where my MP4 file is placed on the edit time line and I hit play, it's fuzzy but when paused it's clear as anything.

I must be missing something on the transfer as I have tried both AVS and HandBrake to do the file conversion prior to importing into the job.


  • Are you in Hitfilm Pro v6 perchance? 

    The newest version of  Hitfilm Pro changes the Viewer Quality settings so the Pause and Playback settings are different. This can automatically lower image quality on playback for smoothness and raise it on pause for detail.

    So, if you're in the latest Hitfilm Pro this is correct, intended, and desired behavior. 

    I covered it in detail (including where the controls are) in this video.  But, the selection for pause/playback quality is buried in a stupid location in the Options dropdown at the top right of the Viewer panel (instead of the removed button at the lower left of the Viewer panel where it should have been left), and the setup for pause/playback quality is now in the File>Properties menu.


  • Triem23, thanks for that and yes I did read about the quality and totally forgot about it.

    So I was researching high and low trying to work out if i had the wrong settings or something.

    Thanks for letting me know about that again.

    Regards Dave

  • Dave, I expect repeats on this question. It's new behavior, and I think the toggle is in an unintuitive location and should have been left where the old Quality Settings button is. ;) 

    But I said that in that video. Heh.


  • Once again Mike, you saved the day mate.

    Cheers, Have a wonderful Christmas and awesome new year.


  • @Triem23 ; I honestly expected to hear more complaints about the Pause/Playback Quality settings.   I'm guessing it's because this is only available in Pro6.  I expect that when/if the next version of Express hits with this feature, there will be a ton more of questions on this.

    I need to just bookmark your First Look video parked at 6:45 and have a default response ready to go. ;)

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