Smoothing Lower Frame Rates

I have a project at 60fps and I want to import an element which is only 24fps. I want to stretch the rate to 60fps but obviously this makes playback choppy due to a lack of frames. After effects had frame blending which solves this issue and smoothes out the rate.

Can you do anything similar in Hitfilm?


  • Nope. The Speed Effect does a sort of 'Opacity Averageing' which for a stretch from 60 to 24 might not sync up nicely and would have likely have almost every frame with some ghosting from another one in it. 

    ProDAD do ReSpeedr which does what you need, but is a bit pricey, although you could check out the demo. Plus GoPro Studio (Free) used to do its version, call Flux, but not sure if that's in the latest version (Quik), as they keep dumbing their tools down and removing features, but you can probably Google links to the previous version with it definitely in it. It's very, very slow, so only use on short clips you know you want to adjust. It's not something you'd run long clips through 'just in case'.

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    Not to worry! Nuke non commercial has a frame blending node which I can use for free! Nuke NC has a tonne of great nodes you can use then export the frames to HF.

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