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i searched for transition presets but i can not found , if you can help with that let me know .. I will   really appreciate that ..  this is my organized list , will cover the need to make creativity and free me from adobe ..! -  so  please help me to get them if you can .

camera hand
zoom ( creative in out) (found that in hitfilm)
push (found that in hitfilm)


i found tutorials but i can not find presets , is there a resource site or channel provides that ? or even i can ask for it .
it is really important for me .. 

A useful note for you if you do not know , you can use footage with subtract blend mode with glitch , ink , other  you can just download a free footage and use right click  on the footage - blend -subtract*  like an effect or tip to trans" 

update : you can make this  transition manual ! because some are hard to be as a preset and depends on the sort of the video like  length etc etc..


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    update: update : you can make  many of this  transition manual ! because some are hard to be as a preset and depends in the sort of the video length etc etc.. 

  •  @7drown ; You may find something here.  At the moment the thumbnail previews have been removed but you can still download them from Javert.


  • tddavis  thanks for commenting , i have downloaded that with first use yesterday , as beginner with hit film i am trying to know what every preset can do .. but As a user of Adobe, I am trying to cover the vulnerabilities so I do not go back to zero as a zero beginner or forced to go back to Adobe, ..
    -that's what i am asking the developers and professional users if they can make a  the basic presets that will help  just the basic need not the whole world presets..

  •  @7drown ; I forgot this thread where another user has been posting transition free to use in case you haven't seen this:


  • tddavis  @ thanks again , i think this a project  tutorial not a presets , i sent message to developers hope it make change  and i am waiting for answer , any way if it end with wall end , may i should become professional with Hitfilm  so i can make it as a preset..


  • This is the correct thread to leave requests for the devs. 



  • Triem23 , thanks , i left it there , so i sent it in the most available ways almost , hope i get the answer and that not a symbolic engagement . , just for the outside look. 


  • Chances are you will NOT get a direct answer. FXHOME does not have a policy of commenting on future changes to the software until release (occasionally you'll get a hint if something is about to drop in a release scheduled for, maybe, a week or so away...occasionally).

    That said, one can build any transition imaginable in a Composite Shot using a plane as placeholder media. Composite Shots can be saved and loaded into other projects, where one would swap out the plane for the actual video clip. Basically, you build your transition once and you can reuse it forever. Don't fall into the trap of "Well, there's not a preset, so I guess I can't do >whatever<." Explore and create your own. Honestly, you'll learn more about the software that way.

    Using "Ink" transitions as an example--After Effects (and Premiere, Avid, Resolve and Vegas Pro--all software I have and use) doesn't have any built-in "Ink" transitions. Yes, there are a lot of preset templates out there, which means a USER built that and uploaded that for other people to use. To put it bluntly, don't be lazy and ask the "professional" users to build you a template. "Professionals" get paid, and if you want me to build a custom transition for you, I'm usually $50/hour for contract work with a minimum of four hours, or, a minimum of $150 for design work.

    Or, if you download some ink stock from Production Crate, you'll be able to make your own ink transition in less than an hour (under ten minutes once you're familiar with the software), it'll be your transition, not the same template a thousand other people are using, and you'll get better at using the software.

    In your defense here, Hitfilm Express 2017 doesn't allow animation in the Editor Timeline, so most custom transitions require a Composite Shot to build. Hitfilm Pro v6 makes this easier by adding animation to the Editor. Hopefully this will make it to Hitfilm Express v6 next year. Because, for a "Zoom" transition, it's not hard to add a couple of scale keyframes, ramp up a radial blur on both clips and do a crossfade between them... because that's all a zoom transition is: scale and blur.

    tddavis already pointed out the Hitfilm Preset Marketplace. There are a few transitions on there. Unfortunately, until Javert gets some serious time to revamp that page, the current issues with the gallery he's using seem to have slowed growth there. A victim of it's own success, because that site had a good hundred presets added to it by the community in about six months. Unfortunately it attracted thousands of downloads and ate all Javert's bandwidth!

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    ;Triem23 thanks again , ! as a beginner i am discovering the program , but! you add a notice about hitfilm express i did not know and it shocked me about controlling Timeline and transitions etc ,!so as a student i am with hitfilm express , in the future may i get the pro hitfilm but now express is for me ,

    when i was talking about resources and community provides , i was trying to fill the weak points as a suggestion to devs , i asked the professionals to help to fill that in my first discuss but no sign yet! , and i can not find thing in google search . the good side i know for ex how to use a footage as a tip or effect to trans and others  , but simple manual  for long videos is Something overpriced..!

    you know what keeps famous softwares control the area?? the formal and and informal community from pirates indirect way to normal users , i mean i can get now a royalty legal free transition pack presets for Premiere from a user . i can fill all need without need to the famous company , and guess who benefits ?  the company , 


    any way if it end with wall end may i should become a professional to make it .



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    @Triem23 "That said, one can build any transition imaginable in a Composite Shot using a plane as placeholder media. "

    Very true but that is a lot of work. For one off things not not really a problem. What if you use something 16 times in a video. Woof.

    Image if we had to do a dissolve transition via a composite transition template. I shutter to think of that. There are reasons to have transitions in the NLE and you probably want to have some selection due to those same reasons. You can't have everything since there are more transitions than you can shake a stick at. Still, Hitfilm could probably use up to a handful more than currently offered. I've previously suggested a few options.

    For example the OP listed a Roll transition. I know Hitfilm did a Roll transition tutorial to too long ago. Roll is not uncommon. Probably why they thought it was useful to do a tutorial on it. So why not just implement it? It is a pretty simple mathematical transition.

    I see things like Pixel sort and block displacement get added to Hitfilm6 and wonder what one would use them for. I don't know jack so I'll wait to see. From the OP list I, and I'll bet a lot of users, can see uses for a glitch and roll transition.

  • The @colamanbs stuff is pretty awesome.

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