Movie IT special effect!!!

Hey guys just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to re-create the effect of where Pennywise came towards the camera and his body was a fluid steady motion But his head was shaking violently as he approached the camera. Would really like to create this affect if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish it. Thank you in advance


  • @tuckerkras12 ; Just spitballing here, but I think I would try to film the actor coming toward the camera twice: Once looking straight ahead and the second time having him turn his head back and forth in a steady motion.  (Use a tripod locked down by the way)  Then I would overlay the two takes synced up with the stationary head on top in a composite and create a mask over the head so you see the moving head on the body.  I'd appear a bit of an angle blur horizontally and speed up the head motion.  If the actor doesn't walk the same way both times, you might have to track the top footage and link the head below to keep them together but since the background will be the same you should have plenty of track points.  I hasten to add, my approach to shots is usually not the best way of doing them, and others can probably point out my errors.

  • @tddavis is on to something. 

    There are multiple ways to do this. Most of them involve planning on-set. 

    I suggest a greenscreen if possible. 

    One way to do this is to duplicate the video layer, mask the head on the top copy and move the head a bit with keyframes. Fast moves and lots of motion blur. Or, camera shake plug in. Again, small fast movement with lots of motion blur. 

    Or, on set you set your camera to a slower shutter (1/30) and have the actor walk in slow-mo while performing the head moves. Then speed this up in post. Maybe use a single point track at the base of the neck to stabilize the actor for smooth movement. 

    If you don't have greenscreen the slow mo walk and speed in post might be best to avoid roto. You'd skip stabilization. Actually, I think that's how they did it. You'd be surprised at how effective techniques like acting in slo-mo and speeding up in post can be. The Ring and The Descent both do this a lot. 

  • @tddavis, @triem23

    thank you so much guys! Very much appreciated, can’t wait to try this out.

  • Oh, I know how to do this without any post effects! Forts you want to break the actor's nech, than cut a small hole in the back and put in one of those robotic back massagers than... wait, did you need them alive?

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