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So I use a Canon T3i for all my videos, which shoots in the dreaded H.264 codec. For the longest time, I've been using MPEG Streamclip to transcode to DNxHD, which is amazing for editing - it runs smoother and it's not near as contrasted. The files weren't xml's because I converted to quicktime DNxHD - they always came out as .mov, and that really worked.

I've been told Streamclip no longer supports quicktime. There are ways to convert to mp4 - even renaming files to mp4 works - but that footage is still a little slow and contrasty. If I was a mac-user I'd try ProRes, but I'm on windows. The newer versions of HF use proxy files, but do those get rid of the camera's ugly H.264 compression?

So really what I want to know is this: is there any other software at all that can transcode to .mov DNxHD files?? This codec is beautiful, but people act like MPEG Streamclip is the only software in existence that can convert to .mov DNxHD files. But surely there's something else I can use? Or am I just out of luck?

Also, I apologize for the long post. It's just a very specific problem!


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    There are some options to get to DNXHD.  But u might consider using HF to do the conversion. Drag your footage onto the timeline , go to Export and convert to Cineform.  That is now the native format for HF and works just as well as DNXHD imho.


  • @Stargazer54 - Thanks! I just tried this, and WOW, you are right! It's really nice.

    Though do you mind if I ask what DNxHD options you're referring to?

  • Cineform works better than DNxHD in Hitfilm versions 2017+. Unfortunately not many options for Cineform transcoding beyond VirtualDub and the old GoPro studio. Of course, if Hitfilm can read your camera sources then Hitfilm can do it but not as fast as a transcoder can.

  • @Stargazer54 @NormanPCN you guys have this in hand, but note I think Austin is still on 2 Ultimate, for the most part.

  • @austintheweird   Sorry for the vague hint there.  I was typing on my phone and not at my computer console.  There should be some other 3rd party ways to convert to DNxHD, but I'll need to get back on my home computer later today to rummage through that.  Stay tuned.

  • OK, here are the things I had on hand to convert footage to DNxHD. (for those who don't have the codec already you'll have to download it here:

    In the past I used ClipToolz Convert V2 and that would output DNxHD, but was superseded by Convert V4 and now has morphed into V6.  $50 U.S. for the license:

    Next is a GUI front end for FFMpeg called Avanti (Freeware) That can output DNxHD.

    You already mentioned MpegStreamClip. 

    Of the ones listed, I found ClipToolz V2 to be the best option at the time.  But it is deprecated and you would have to pay for a V6 license to use (there is a Trial version). 

    Honestly, the best bet is to convert to Cineform with either Quick from GoPro or, just do the convert through HF which is what I do. 

    Of course, this means HF has to at least recognize your footage in the first place.  If it doesn't you'll have to try third party methods.  But . . . . the CineForm codec is now the defacto standard codec to use for HF and I've been pleased with it as an intermediate codec.   Your mileage may vary.


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    Convert V6 is actually free. He (Wayne) does ask for donations to support future development. Pay what you want.

    In Convert V6 you have to install ffmpeg yourself and put it in the system path. Since V4 was sold for $, apparently someone like MPEG-LA, Apple or other(s) gave him a cease distribution notice or else.

    In the new model, the software has no ability to encode, without we the user installing some tool Convert knows how to call. aka ffmpeg.

    Of course you can always use ffmpeg directly. I've got some example scripts in the transcode thread.

  • I used to use ShotCut for such transcoding (to DNxHD). It's maybe not as fast as a converter (I wouldn't know...), but the fact it's an editor makes it possible to easily convert clips from larger files.

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