Using my force for good

Hi, my name is Cris and I'm very new to HitFilm. I am also very new to Motion Graphics though I've been an artist for most of my life. I have been looking to use what I can do for causes I believe in on my Twitterfeed. I am limited since I pretty much depend on existing footage I can find plus photos, artistic skills and my creativity.

I had been wanting to do a double exposure and found Axel's great video on it (as well as Shiny Films) and while I was able to duplicate the tutorial with the assets provided, it was still a struggle to use it for what I had and had in mind.

This only my second HitFilm project and I have lots to learn, but I'm quite proud of how it came out.


  • Hmmm, not sure why the video doesn't show. Here is a link to the gif in my Google Drive.

  • Even though the thumbnail doesn't show, the video from your original post plays fine.  Very nicely done!

  • Thank you. All I did was post the YouTube link, so am not sure why it won't post the thumbnail.

    I was looking for information to see if it was possible to create a custom mask in PS and import to use in HitFilm.

    Do you or anyone have info or a link to info where I can see how to do this?

    Thanks again.

  • I don't know PS, but if you can export the mask as a simple greyscale image, then you can use that in HitFilm with the Set Matte effect.

    Or you could just create the mask directly in HitFilm.  Is there a reason you want to make it in PS instead?

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    Thank you, I will try that. And thank you for responding. :)

    The reason I was asking about PS was so that I may paint the mask in the same way as I paint my displacement. This is another GIF I made, this one using displacement for the subtle movement of the child's face at the end of the GIF.

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    Nice effect, but IMO it's anything but subtle because it uses linear keyframes on the displacement effect.  Very few things should move in a linear fashion, and humans aren't on that list.  Use one of the Smooth or Manual Bezier interpolation options in HitFilm to add ease to your movements.

    As for painting displacement, that can also be done directly in HitFilm.  In fact, almost a year ago there was a tutorial on the HitFilm YouTube channel from our own @Triem23 about how to do this:

  • Thank you, and I will look into the smooth and manual bezier. Yes, I painted the displacement in PS and was commenting that this was why I wanted to paint the masks in PS as well. 

    This is all so new, but I am certainly enjoying this. :)

  • @crispalomino ; Good job with the spot. 

    As @jsbarrett said, set your keyframes for the move to ease in and ease out and you should be good to go.  Tweaking that kind of movement is where the art of animation really lies.

  •  Thank you so much for the comment, Stargazer54. :) Very appreciative of any advice.

    Am working on RodyPolis' great Light Saber Burn tutorial. So far so good, though when he gets to adding the texture, he seems to click on a little box to file browse which is non-existant in my HitFilm 4 Pro. I did find a dropdown with like concrete that I'm going to try to substitute, but I still haven't found what he's using or where to add custom textures.

    Happy holidays to everyone in the meantime.

  • Rody's lightsaber burn tutorial was Hitfilm 1. Particle textures changed in Hitfilm 2 and are the same up to now.

  •  Thank you, Triem23. The video was very helpful and I was able to duplicate the tutorial's results with great satisfaction. :)

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