30 seconds issue

I can't create content longer than 30 seconds, is  this  because the Express version? I already activated the serial.


  • If your Express is activated, then the limit is most likely because you are exporting only 30Seconds of the media. By default Composites can be 30seconds maybe you are only exporting that. Check your EDITor timeline and make sure the IN and OUT markers are set to the length of your whole video.

  • To add to what Andy001z  said, the composite shot defaults to 30 seconds.  Therefor if you create a composite shot from footage, the composite shot will be the same length of the footage.   However of you begin your project with a fresh composite shot, it will default to 30 seconds and must be changed.  The easiest way is to begin you project by selecting  "start editing"  After it opens on the editor page, Select "new" and choose  "composite shot".  Adjust the duration to the length you desire.

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