How do you import the whole Folders?

I've made pre assets and trying to import it as a file but it seems like I'm only allowed to import by the img or mp4. I've already orgnized everything and don't want to re -orgnize it my importing everything one by one. is there a way to import image assets as a folders?


  • I agree, that would be nice...if there is a way I would like to know too.  I know in adobe premiere you can do that.

  •  Is this function only for Hitfilm pro or is it just something all hitfilm suffers from?

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    The import function can import one or more items. Just select all the files you want to import.

    If you want to import all files in a given folder then just

    • Click import in Hitfilm
    • navigate to the folder in the file dialog
    • In the file dialog, press Ctrl+A (select all on Windows)
    • Click OK to close the dialog and import everything that was selected.



  • ^ I am aware of importing files, it's just that it's (extremely)inconvenient that I always have to sort all the assets I've organized again when I import  them to Hitfilm(because, for some reason, hitfilm don't allow you to import the folders as it was organized). Or maybe there is a way but so far it seems like this is problem for everyone... I'm not sure if this is also the case for those who have Pro version.

  • @Killthegoat Have you tried getting things organized the way you want and saving the project so you can import it into other projects later?

  • Like importing Composite shot? I tried that, but I normally render them and import the rendered video of it. 

  • You can create new folders in the Media Bin in Hitfilm (if you use a standardized folder scheme, create the (empty) folders, then save the project for future use as a template).

    Open your file browser. Open a folder and select all media. Left-click, hold, drag to Hitfilm on the task manager bar, then drop the files onto the proper media bin folder. 

  • So there's no way to replicate my filesystem structure with one import function? My workflow is to organize footage in the filesystem, then I'd like to be able to take the entire shoot filestructure. From there I would like Hitfilm to create HitFilm folders in the MEDIA library and populate them with whatever footage/audio was in them. I would rather not have to manage file organization in HitFilm and my filesystem separately.

    In an ideal world, the HitFilm and the filesystem would stay in sync, with regards to directory structure.

  • @drivendaily Sounds like an item for the wish list.

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