Solved: could not initialize the playback engine for the media

I seem to be getting, "could not initialize the playback engine for the media" whenever i try to playback any format. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi @Mchenetz, could you provide us with more details please? What version of HitFilm are you using? Are you on Mac or Windows? What format have you tried to play? It would be useful as well to know what your system specs are (particularly the CPU).

    If you go in the options and uncheck "Play audio when scrubbing timeline", can you see your video when you use the next frame / previous frame? If you import an audio only file (for example a .mp3), could you play it?

  • I am running the latest version of Hitfilm 4. I am trying DNxHD, XAVC, 


    Dell Precision M4800

    Quadro K2100

    CPU: Quad core I7

    16gb Ram

    2 SSDs



    uncheck "Play audio when scrubbing timeline", then i can see video when going to next/previous frame.

    I cannot here audio when imported.

  • Solved: Thanks for leading me down the right direction... It turns out that Windows 10 had an issue with Sound that was fixed in a later release. All is working now! Thanks again.

  • How did you fix it?

  • Hi, i'm having a similar issue, and could use some help!

    so whenever i bring footage into the trimmer and try to play it, it says "could not initialize playback engine for media" why would this be? I also can't get any of my footage in the time line to play.

    again any help would be appreciated!

  • If you read the comments above yours, you should know that simply listing an error message doesn't give us much to go on.  We also need to know:

    • HitFilm version
    • Operating system details
    • System specs
    • file format and encoding details for the media that won't play
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    I'm using:

    version=HitFilm 4 express

    Model=ASUS desktop PC M32bBF_K30BF series

    Processor=AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 3.70 GHz

    Installed memory= (RAM): 8.00 GB (7.19 GB unstable)

    System Type= 64 but operation system, x64- based processor

    File Format(for media that wont play)= (MOV.) 

  • @Kaiju_AGM if you are on Windows you will need to install Quicktime and reboot your computer. 

    If that doesn't work, will, Hitfilm doesn't officially support AMD APU integrated graphics. You might be under minimum hardware specs. 

  • Ok, so my processor is and AMD how do I change that? Do I need a new graphics card?

  • Yeah, pretty much the only solution is changing hardware. 

  • Ok, thank you very much for the help!

  • I know that my computer is well over min specs. It is windows and has a NVidia gtx 1060. Whenever I try to play a video in the program that I have taken from my phone, I get the message. It comes of my phone as an mp4 file at 30 fps, pls help

  • I solved mine, New PC with no speakers, plugged in head phones so the audio driver could configure the device. Video now plays in Hitfilm.

  • This is an old threat, but actually i had the same problem.

    I never had any problems with hitfilm, but then i installed an update for Music Maker and Samplitude, and i´m getting the same message. Deinstalled the two Programs, and all is fine.

    (sorry about my bad english)

  • @kievi how is this an "old threat" 

  • @njosey4740 Methinks that's a typo. I believe that @kievi meant "thread," not "threat."

  • I had the same problem with a brand new computer.  Took RangeWalking's advice and plugged in headphones and now Hitfilm works.

  • You can go to : FILE / OPTION and for each tab you do : "Restore 'interface' Defaults.

    Then it's ok

    Vous pouvez aller à: FILE / OPTION et pour chaque onglet vous faites: "Restaurer les" Paramètres par défaut "de l'interface. Alors c'est bon

    يمكنك الانتقال إلى: FILE / OPTION ولكل علامة تبويب يمكنك القيام بذلك: "استعادة" واجهة "الافتراضيات".

    ثم أنها على ما يرام

    Puede ir a: ARCHIVO / OPCIÓN y para cada pestaña que haga: "Restaurar 'interfaz' Valores predeterminados.

    Entonces está bien

  • sometimes there is conflict with other applications.

    By closing them the problem is solved.

    parfois il y a conflit avec d'autres applications. 

    En les refermant le problème est résolu.

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    No way, i quit hitfilm4express, i back with filmora 9, follow the message:

    "could not initialize the playback engine for the media"

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