Masking Lightsabers

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    How do I mask a light saber

  • This video tutorial would make a great starting point for this conversation...

    The next question is what else has everyone done to make the light saber blade look better?

  • Provided your lightsword effects are on a separate layer from your footage, masking them is pretty straightforward. Just add a mask to the layer containing your effects,  and animate the mask to whatever shape you need. This is another advantage to not adding the lightswords directly to your video layer.

  • Axel how do you mask a lightsaber so when it is in front of someone you can't see it

  • I address this in the comment immediately above yours, @unclejoecool14. Make sure your lightsaber effect is on a separate layer from the video, and add a mask to remove the section where the person is.

  • At the moment I'm working on a short lightsaber-video. The swords are working pretty good, but how can I create an effect for the case, that the saber is cutting something or gets stuck in the roof/wall/whatever? I use toy-swords which are able to got pulled-in, so I just need the effect itself.
    I hope someone can help me, thanks!
    PS.: Sorry, if my english isn't perfect, I am not a native.

  • I am having an issue while tracking a prop. the hilt part of the tracking is ok, was a few times it was obscured so i guessed where it was at and picked it up again once it was clear. the tip however, is a problem for me. It moves off screen a few times and when i try to track it off layer i get an error message that wont let me continue tracking it. How would i track this prop when it goes off screen. I watched your video and see that you got the blue cross hairs to track it offscreen but i am unable to replicate that situation. any advise would be helpful.

  • Skip the frames when it is off screen and manually place the tracker on it when it comes back on and track until the end. Then, once you've applied the data to a point go in and manually move the points to where they should be off screen.  You'll have to "eyeball it" ;)  The lightsabre will then track correctly with the tip going off screen and back, as required. 

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