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Please bear with me, I am new. I have searched extensively here on the forums and on the Internet in general and obviously the Hitfilm software as well, but can't seem to find a way to create multiple scenes other than creating different projects for each one.

What I am trying to achieve is to have my intro, information and ending scenes (plus some other transitional scenes) pre-saved, and that I can load them independently into each project as needed and that in the project I can just move the scene into the appropriate order in the timeline with out having to move everything else around? And/or is this even possible with this software?

Thank you in advance, and sorry if this has been asked before, but like I said, I could not find anything relevant to this.



  • I tend to have a project (and exported mp4) for each scene and then stitch them altogether in a final project. I'd be interested if there is another way but it's not caused me any problems.

  • That works for some on the scenes, like my "like, share and subscribe" scenes which are always the same, but title and ending scenes have to be edited with the proper names, dates and logos, and eventhough the edit is simple I would prefer to keep these scenes in the project, but independent of the 'main' timeline work I am doing.

    Another thing that might help is a way to group and lock parts of a timeline so that they can be handled as one, is that possible?

  • There is now way like e.g. in Vegas to have nested Projects where changes you make later to your "master intro Project" also affects Projects created later and using that one. This looks like a disadvantage but please read further, I learned that the Hitfilm way is even more powerful.

    You can do your edit in a Composite shot and save that separately. Another way is to create a Project with that reusable Composite Shots

    When you need them you can Import that Project into your current Project. Inmport will ask which Contents you want to Import so you can only Import the comps you need. 

    I find this very useful. When working on a Project sometimes something is needed which has been done in the past (like intro text, Scenes, e.g.). All you Need to do is to Import that Project, select the desired comp and there it is. This makes many Scenes reusable. Since it is not a nested Project you can modify that Scene as you Need it for this specific Content of you current Project. So working longer with Hitfilm you can assemble a lot of Basic Things. 
    Like a master Project with rigs and 3D Scene Setups, one with text intros and so on. When woking on a new Project you Import what you Need as a base from those different Projects or any Project that you ever did in Hitfilm and there you go. That IS a very powerful Feature.
    Sorry for my english and some words beeing uppercase - my german Keyboard layout feels the Need of making clear it is not happy with lowercase nouns.

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    This video covers all versions of Hitfilm from 1 to 6.

    You particularly want to pay attention to save/load Composite Shots. 

    Basically, @Juda1 has it correct. A Composite Shot can be thought of as a a mini-timeline. Now, check this out, you can also import one or more Composite Shots from a Project file you import with the Import Composite Shot option.

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