Installation package incomplete

Last night I set up my new Computer. The first Software I installed was Hitfilm (guys, take this as a compliment). After Installation I got an error MSxxxx120.dll missing.

I know it's part of the visual C++ runtime so I got it from MS. Maybe it's helpful for new users to either add a link to that packes on you pro side (, or an advice or add this to the installer of Hitfilm.

BTW: Before installing pro I made the mistake installing Hitfilm Pro 2017 which worked and startet. I then deinstalled it and installed Hitfilm Pro.


  • @Juda1 ; FWIW, you wouldn't necessarily had to have uninstalled Pro 2017 to install the new Hitfilm Pro (except for hard drive space considerations.)  You can have a number of versions installed with no conflicts, but can only run one at a time.  Just throwing it out there...

  • @tddavis I thought so technically. But since I upgraded the Hitfilm 2017 license is I thought it may not be valid and beside I have nothing special in 2017 Version which is not included in 2018 version. Maybe Support can confirm that. May I still use it even if I upgraded? 

  • Juda, you can use any and all versions you have concurrently. I have Hitfilm's 2 Ultimate, 3, 4, 2017, and 6 Pro and Express 2017 on one machine. No problems. 

  • This should be fixed in the update we pushed today.

  • @Juda1 thanks for reporting this. The update that came out today (version 6.1) contains the missing MSVC runtime. Please contact support if it still doesn't work.

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