Settings for MP4 exports/thread count

I just got a new machine which is capable of Rendering my last Projects in real time with full scaling which is fine so far.

When I made a test Export it was 3 times faster than the old machine which also is good. But the CPU, GPU and Discs Show a usage of 25 % (CPU), 20 % (GPU) and 1%  (disc) in Task Manager.

I suggest the encoder is only using two threads which could explain it since the amchine has eight virtual cores. Is there an option to speed this up?

The Task manager shows usage of GPU encoding but it is empty when encoding in Hitfilm. So  I also suggest Hitfilm uses other CPU Encoding power. Is there any option to influence this by Settings in Hitfilm (I didn't find anything) or in Nvidia Settings?

The machine has Intel Core i7-7700, 16 GB RAM and  GTX 1050 TI G1.

Hitfilm runs fantastic with it so let me say a big thank you guys for your work on such a good product. I did hold on too Long on my core2duo. I was pretty impressed by the speed Advantage I saw in Hitfilm so far. Some sort of scaring the shit out of me seeing rendering in real time with no stutter for the first time after changing from DV-Video to HD.


  • NormanPCN can give the full explanation here, but, long story short you have expected performance. 

    CPU does file read/write and video encode/decode. GPU does rendering. There's a passing of data back and forth that means one or the other usually has idle time. 

    If task manager shows no "GPU Encoding,"  that could be not using Quiksync or CUDA (neither of which Hitfilm uses, or will use in the near future). Hitfilm renders OpenGL and doesn't support anything proprietary (so to maximize compatibility with Nvidia, AMD and Intel).  Since task manager shows 25% GPU use, GPU is doing its Open GL thing.

    Don't worry too much about these numbers. If a PC is pegging everything to near 100% you're pushing it to the edge of a crash. 

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