Common text animations using NLE transitions

Most of us probably think of transitions only on cuts. What they are really intended for. That is my brain's default mode. They do work single ended. On the edge of an event. I just never connect that some of these transitions actually do common text animations.

With simple text clips, on transparency, and transitions one can do many common text animations without the need to keyframe. Now that we can easily create text in the NLE timeline, in HF6, it is just that much easier to use a transition for very simple animations. The motion transitions in HF6 have adjustable motion blur so that capability is there.

This is not a tutorial but more of a heads up. Experiment if you are interested. Here is a very short video showing some examples using various transitions. You can see the timeline playing so you can tell what transition is doing what animation.

As for the last example, well, tis the season.

Any Hitfilm Devs reading this post. That last example I had to do the logo text in a text layer. The new text effect soils it pants on the hollow version of the font. I don't know all issues but lower case 'a' is a problem. Another item for the new text effect issues list.


  • A fantastic power user note for those who hadn't encountered it before. :) 

    FYI, all the little text slides in Hit-U vids are, well, slide transitions. 

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