Title Issues

So I created a title for a video I'm working on but I'm having issues with the compositing. I'll show you guys the clip before I try and explain anymore.



  • You guys can see I used black planes to cover the text but they flash white when the text begins to move. How do I fix this?

  • Without knowing which  version of HF you are on and how you have your planes set up, you could easily drag the overall comp into another comp or the editor and trim out the 6 frames that are in question.

    Without some more info on your setup, its kind of like, "How many fingers am I holding up". ;)

  • I think this tutorial covers the technique. You should be able to turn the planes off and use set matte instead to reveal your text. 

    This would prevent the flash (which is odd), but also eliminate the black background if, in the future, you want text to wipe in over a background. 


    Alternatively, you can use masks on the text layers to reveal and hide text. 

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