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   I am trying to recreate part of a videogame scene with visual effects, I have most of what I need to do figured out but I have no idea how to animate the effect that is going on outside the windows. I have created a test image: and I think I did the sky well enough in one of its phases but I can't figure out how to animate it to become a redish whiteish color. To make the still sky I used 2 fractal noise planes, one for the blue “noise” pattern and one for the stars. I also used my own twist on the white walker eye tutorial for they eyes.


  David Petratos 


  • You should be able to just animate the color of the fractal noise unless I misunderstood what you were asking. 

  • @D1a1v1e11 If I understand what you're trying to do you want the view outside the window to change from the blue stars to a reddish white one, right?  Possibly you could create two separate planes for outside the window and stack them in the comp and use a mask with a lot of feather on it to reveal the red under plane either from the top down or bottom up depending on how you want it change.  You can animate either position of the mask movement or the expansion on it to make the reveal.  Hope this helps or at least sparks an idea for you.

  • Thanks guys! I put all of the ideas to good use and ended up with this !

    I'm not going to change it, but do you guys have any thoughts or comments on it?

  • Ah, I see.  I did misunderstand.  It looks good, but man, you better take your camera in to the shop. :)

  • well, yah

    its just an iPad,  wait... was that a joke...




  • That's not creepy at all... :) Yes it is... 

  • Try #2

    Better sky (its 3D now! and lightning) better eyes, more glitches, randomised transparency, better mask, light leak, RGB split.

  • more displacement, animated displacement, lightning glow and slight heat distortion (Distortion still a W.I.P.), improved mask

  • Sky looks good. I don't know what game you're trying to recreate, or the mood you want, but the prior version had a couple of seconds of digesting the image of the person, window and sky before glitches slowly started then built up. This was really creepy. Version 2 starts off with all glitch all the time, so is less effective to me. I liked the slow build better, but that's seeing the single shot out of context of the rest of the project. Since I don't know how the rest of the video goes, I don't know if a slow build or massive glitch is better for the desired mood, so you'll have to make that call, but it's something to think about.

    V2 looks great, btw. 

  • Thanks, The first one was ment to be creepy but the second one was just ment to use as a gif for my friends profile picture. They were baced off of ddlc: the glitches used by antisepticeye, and my own ideas. But thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind for future projects, after I recreate the giant Snoke head hologram from starwars.


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