How do you set up a project for 4k video?

Hi there. I've read how HitFilm can support 4k video for Express 2017, so I assume for the latest version of Pro as well (which I recently bought). However, it is not entirely clear to me how to set this up. There does not appear to be a preset for 4k in the project settings, and attempts to customize this have been fruitless as typing in the resolution simply will not accept 3840 x 2160. I must be missing something very basic here. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any suggestions for correcting the matter?



  • 4k video requires a GPI with 2GB of VRAM. If your GPU does not meet this standard, Hitfilm will hide the presets and not let you create a project/comp beyond what your GPU can handle. 

    So--what are your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? 

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    Ah, this makes sense: Resolution is hardware specific, and HitFilm is smart enough to tally system specs and only offer presets the system can handle. It appears that 2k is my limit, based on my "Intel HD 3000."  The rest of the specs could handle 4k...  So close!

    Right there, as always. Thank you, Mike.  



  • Intel HD3000? 

    *whispers* Wow, you're under min specs! Be nice to your computer if it's actually running Hitfilm without crashing a lot! It's doing a fantastic job. 

    *normal voice* Yeah, Hitfilm Pro can go to 8k, but that takes a really beefy card. My 8GB Nvidia 980m maxes out at about 5k or so.

    But, it's December. Someone should have decent sales on GPUs going on. Maybe you can squeeze out an upgrade. 

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    Haha! Yes, amazingly, HitFilm has been doing fine with this GPU (HD and even some ProRes VFX tests). Granted, I haven’t really pushed it with complex, many-element renders.  My only crashes have been with a 4k clip when trying to track in mocha HitFilm. 


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