Any ideas or suggestions?


I'm currently making my first proper project. its a short montage of a young kickboxer, in the hope of increasing his profile. I need to reshoot the drone stuff, but i'm not happy with the text. Any suggestions would be appreciated ! thanks



  • Some of the shaking may be able to be fixed easily with a track and stabilize. I think for your first movie this is great.

  • Thanks! does the shake look bad, i kind of hope it would give a edgy feel, however, i was a bit nervous that people thought it just looks cack!

  • I think shake would work, but some scenes look 'jittery' almost like someone was having a hard time holding the camera. My opinion though, I would try to calm it down a little, maybe even add camera shake in post to have more control.

  • Agreed with @twhitworth .  Normal handheld shake/drift is one thing.  The high-frequency jitter that many of the early shots have is distracting.  I think I see what you were trying to accomplish with the jitter, though, and feel that might've been more successful if applied sparingly to specific shots, especially short close-ups.  It doesn't work at all on wide shots IMO.

    Also consider your music and how that might (or might not) fit with this visual treatment.  The current music track is nice, but for me it doesn't mesh well with a lot of that jittery stuff...or rather, the jitters don't work with the music.  Your music is fairly low energy, and your edit pacing is also low energy, but those visual jitters are a high-energy element.  There are times when the picture and sound don't have to hit the same energy, but in many situations it works best if picture and sound are similar in energy when telling a story.  You say you want it to be edgy, but you don't have an edgy music track, and only tried to fix this by applying a visual effect.  See the problem?  It's like you're cooking something and it's not working out the way you want it, so you simply turned up the heat for the next attempt without considering that something may be wrong with the way you assembled the ingredients.

    In short, get rid of the jitters and you'll have a stronger piece with your current music track and edit pacing.  If you really want it edgier, then it's going to need more than just a jitter effect.

  • I think you've set yourself a pretty difficult task - a video to raise the profile of a kickboxer. Leaving aside what others have said above (which is great advice), I think you need a bigger selection of material. We have a couple of close up shots of the trainers, but lets get some of the hands, limbs joints - whatever to make use of as cutaways. Whilst you've chosen an interesting location,  we really also need variety - aerial shots add an angle but that's all. Where are the shots of him in the gym? Equipment makes great cutaways. Even better (but maybe not possible) shots of him actually competing.

    More important than any of that from a profile raising point of view, I've watched this twice and couldn't tell you (a) what he looks like (b) anything about his personality, what drives him, what his ambition is and (c) what his name is.

    The final issue is easily dealt with by repeating his name at the end of the piece (I liked the opening shot with him silhouetted against the text, by the way - my favourite part).

    The first issue (what he looks like) requires more shots - this is filmed almost as if every shot or edit is designed to hide his face rather than show him off.

    What drives him - get some quotes - an interview - something/anything in there that distinguishes him from every other would be champion kickboxer out there. Promos are about selling personality.

    What you've done is good and shows promise, but at present it fails to deliver a profile raising package.

    (I've just read that back and it sounds harsh, but it is intended to be helpful in giving some simple guidance so you can build on what you've done)

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