Moving User Presets from 2017 to Pro6

I must have missed something. Is there an easy way to move the user presets, or must I reload them one by one?





  • Poke around. I don't know the exact file directory, but, somewhere in a subfolder of your prior Hitfilm installation are all your custom presets. Copy/paste to the corrosponding directory for Hitfilm v6. 

  • @Triem23

    Thanks. That was it.  Worked perfectly.

  • I have a mostly-finished tutorial on Hitfilm Optimization and migration in progress. I need to recheck the notes to see if this is in it. :)

    While you're cleaning up, create new folders somewhere for proxies and cache. Move all existing proxies to these new folders, then, in any version of Hitfilm you have running, point to those folders. Makes it easier to migrate those as well. 

  • Great Idea!


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