Embedded comp clipping

Sometimes when I bring an embedded comp to another composition the edges will clearly show. 

I've seen a video somewhere about how to fix this but can't remember where. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about since it seems I can't insert a photo into this message, but if I bring say a candle light to a candle you would be able to see where the glow cuts off from the other comp.




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    Sorry, i tried to host an example image on google and it wouldn't work, sigh

  • @twhitworth Comp boundaries are hard boundaries.  Anything that goes beyond a comp edge effectively doesn't exist as usable data, and can't be somehow "recovered" when embedding that comp somewhere else.  Using your candle example, if you're creating an animated candle flame effect and the glow is going beyond the comp boundaries, then the only solution to keep the glow fully contained is to make the comp dimensions large enough to contain the glow.

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