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I want to have a 3D effect spinning in the opposite direction then another one.

To make their speed increase, I added many keyframes for rotation to have a sort of curved graph.

I then copied the 3D effect with these keyframes. Then I wanted to still increase the speed of the rotation, but in the other direction. I tried putting a "-" infront of every value, but when the value got over 360° I had values like 1x 155.

If I then changed the 1x to -1x I got -1 -205.

The other way round 155 changed to -155, I got 0x 205.

Is there a quick way of reversing the value of many keyframes and not having to change 1x to -1x and then -205 to -155, because with many keyframes this really takes time.

Anyone who finds spelling mistakes can keep them. I am not a native speaker.


  • @Alligator_Jack I assume you have your effect in a composite shot.   Create a new comp.  Drag your first comp onto the timeline.  Right click on the comp layer, select New Effect, Temporal, then Time Reverse.

    The Temporal effects group also contains the Speed effect.  You can drag that onto your comp and use that to speed up or slow down.

  • Thanks, I know of that effect, but the keyframes will turn around, not reverse the value. Just to demonstrate:

    I have this:    120     235                      567            1087

    what I get is that:    1087           567                    235     120

    what I want is this:   -120    -235               -567          -1087

    Get the difference?

    I want to alter the keyframes that the variation between them stayes the same, but the 3D effect turns the other way around.

    Thanks anyway!

  • For Position and Rotation, I believe holding CTRL and left clicking a keyframe value inverts it. 

  • Thanks, but it only works for position not rotation.

    But it still helped, thanks again!

  • Ok--I've been away from my computer for 5 weeks (I was out of the country), and my comp has been locked up doing a lot of prep work before I can get into editing the 9000+ media files I came back with. I wasn't able to double check. Sorry that didn't work for rotation, but I do find it handy for position. Maybe something for the Wishlist.

    In fact, I'll add that now, myself. :-)


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